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A Letter To Sailor Moon

Dear Sailor Moon,

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary reboot of your franchise. It's been highly anticipated ever since the announcement went viral. I don't consider myself a hardcore fan, although I've got to admit that I was just as curious to find out what would be in store for the reboot. Has it been that long already? I mean, I was only a kid when I first caught a glimpse of that sailor skirt...erm, superb transformation. What was that again, Moon Prism Power Make Up? Yeah, that was undoubtedly an elaborate and iconic transformation accompanied by an infectious soundtrack.

Honestly, I couldn't quite believe that a heroine was born just like that. Even though Luna had emphasised that you were indeed the chosen one right from the beginning, it still felt as if she might have picked the wrong person. Of course, over time you had shown us just how brave and capable you could be as Sailor Moon. You and the rest of the sailors had managed to fend off countless evil forces that threatened our Earth.

Did I mention that you and Mamoru had already looked compatible right from your first encounter? It was definitely mean of Mamoru to call you a bun-head, but...erm, frankly speaking you still look like some exotic walking delicacy even after 20 years. Oh, I hope you don't well up or anything. That is supposed to be a refreshing compliment...or something. Anyway, after watching the first episode of the 20th anniversary reboot (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal), I've got to say that your plastic surgeon...erm, I mean comic artist has done an extremely brilliant job in updating the physical attributes of all the characters. Your mother looks like she could easily pass off as your elder sister. In the past, she looked like an overdue kitchen lady. Please don't ask me what that means. It just came straight off my mind. I've got a feeling that the reboot will be a lot more fast-paced. I can't wait for you to meet Sailor Mercury! That brief shot of her back towards the end of the first episode was such a pleasant surprise.

That said, on the other hand some things have remained unchanged. I've noticed that your grades are still quite worrying even after 20 years. I'm sure that the reasons can't be any more obvious as to why education is important to everyone, including superheroes. Isn't your best friend Naru-chan good at studying? You should definitely study along with her! Well, I suppose a cram school is out of the question, or else Sailor Mercury would be an ideal choice for a study partner as well. Even though saving the world would probably be more than enough to cover much of your lifetime...please still try to study. I mean, even monsters and demons these days go to high school. I'm certain that you wouldn't want to come across as a lot more inept than your foes. Battle isn't just about the physical aspect. Maybe if you weren't late for school, Haruna-sensei wouldn't have been so worked up. Anyway, ganbatte kudasai ne! 

Your updated transformation feels much grander this time, like a true mystical princess making her entrance. Soundtrack wise, I'm afraid that the first generation transformation music still works better for me. The visual effects are undoubtedly stunning though. I'm looking forward to seeing Sailor Mercury and the remaining sailors. Please continue to be a blessing to this beautiful planet along with the other girls. Mamoru is such an awesome guy. You and him truly make an eternal couple. And Luna is such a pretty cat. I've always wanted a cat like that.

Stay strong and happy. The stars are shining on you. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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