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AniManGaki 2017: Day 2

Welcome to day two~! (Read about day one first!)

Well, let’s see… day two started out with a very nice surprise. Friend and I had gotten there early and we met a very kind stormtrooper (the irony?) and his buddy handing out some snacks. What a nice start to the day.
Stormtrooper and snack buddy?
I checked out the exhibits that they had going on outside of the hall. And there was this beautiful wall with hand drawn cards of original characters that fit with the theme of elements! Original characters in different elemental groups!
Original characters in different elemental groups!
By the time we entered the hall, stage performances were already on the way, and who else was performing but Rociel! If the name sounds familiar, it’s cause it’s the same person that I bought art from on the first day~
Rociel rocking the stage and that Levi cosplay ><!
Check out her actual performance here!

Following that was the finals of AniManGaki idol!
Here's a shot of one of the contestants!
While that was going on, I saw something that I missed on the first day! A really cute doodle booth, by artist Kendrick Ng a.k.a. Kendylife. He showed us a project that he was doing at the convention which was a collage of the doodles of various doujin artists right here at AniManGaki.
Here's Kendy and the doodle collage... sorry for the shaky cam...><
I loved his doodles so much that I immediately bought his chibi pocket edition of his works, he draws things based off his personal experiences and stories.  I loved his horoscope collection too! He often gives talks about doodles both here in Singapore and in Malaysia, and accepts stories from anyone to add to his doodle collection. Send him your stories!
The chibi pocket edition and an exclusive zine too! Yay!
Here’s some more loot from day two!

Art by keeko!
We went back to May to get even more commissions from her! This time a genderblend of herself and a drawing of the main characters of a Korean manhwa ‘Super Secret’!
Day two commissions!
Both versions of May! They are both so cute ><

I also saw Xanseviera, whom I met at AniManGaki 2016, again! She still remembered drawing a sailor moon version of me! And this time I got her to draw a bunny version of my dear friend!
Here's the result!!
I also passed by an amigurumi shop that took custom orders. So, my friend and I designed a cute watermelon piece, which I had her custom make and mailed all the way from Penang to Singapore! 

Looking at yourself .___.
The artist (shiro_kuma007) also takes custom orders online on her Etsy store and she ships worldwide!
Everything from day two!
In closing, though I kinda missed the anime screening room they had the last time, I still love this particular convention for simply the vibe that they always have going year after year. The quality of doujins never disappoint me. I’ll be sure to be back again next year!

That’s all folks!

Written by Neko

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