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Figure Unboxing and Review: Orihara Izaya (Psychedelic Version)

With the new season of Durarara, we get a brand new figure of Orihara Izaya, as well as a re-issue of the original Izaya, Shizuo and Celty. This new Izaya figure is by Alter, and features Psyche (one of Izaya's alter personalities from the Psychedelic cover). There are numerous others who wish to get a matching Delic (Shizuo's alter personality from the same cover), but the article today wouldn't be about this.
Without further ado, let us move on to looking at this particular figure of Izaya!


The main plan for Izaya's box is clear, with sides covered in opaque white and specked with pink which ties it in with his figure's color scheme of pink and white! The clear plastic gives a good unobstructed view of Izaya while the white walls display different views of the figure so you can choose which angle you'd like to view him at!

Next, we have Izaya in his blister packaging to see all the parts he comes with in one glance.
He comes with a pink base, a pole to hold Izaya up as well as a iPod-like device connected to a translucent pink wire that winds around Izaya and has a heart-shaped part.

The base is incredibly simple, with a flat pink background and white making accents. White makes up a more designed inner circle and a thicker outer white circle in two shades (one with the similar pattern as the inner circle). The character's name and version type are mentioned on the base itself as well.

There is also a slot at the base for the pole to enter and that will be the sole support for this particular Izaya's figure which is hovering in mid-air.

Posing and Assembly

Whether it's with a white or a black background, the colors of this figure pops and the sculpt raises it to better, higher heights. I can just stare at this figure the whole day~
An instruction sheet is included with the figure to teach collectors how to assemble the figure onto the pole and then onto the base. As usual, Alter's figures don't include an English translation for their instruction sheets but their illustrations are typically self-explanatory.

If anything puts me off for this figure, it would be the wire of the device. First, you'll have to slip the main body of the device into Izaya's hand, then maneuver the pink translucent wire until it fits with how it looks on the prototype. 
Not to mention, the pegs that would hold the wire to the figure itself aren't very obvious on the main body as compared to in the illustrations, and the wire looks and is actually quite fragile and flimsy.

Sculpting and Painting
We see that Izaya's features are nicely sculpted and his collarbones are well-defined and perfectly drool-worthy as well. In addition, the white fluff at his coat really look fluffy, other than how it actually isn't. The sleeves of his white coat are creased at all the right areas, especially for the arm that's raised, and catches light at the right areas to further increase the dimensions.
Even from the back, Izaya's sculpt doesn't let up. Everything is still well-maintained and of fluid composition when compared to the sculpt on his front. I especially love how his hood looks!
The next point of contact is his shoes. The hot pink soles makes his feet pop out against the palette of white, which is a very good play considering how his feet are raised in the air due to his pose. This draws attention to his shoes, which wouldn't usually be shown in other figures which are more static, and since we are able to see something usually hidden, it appears as if there is more dimension to this figure, making his pose appear seemingly more dynamic!
Oh and now on this figure we see... a sliver of skin at Izaya's waist that's showing because of his shirt hiking up! And Alter has definitely not cut any corners because below that we see...

A grey lining reading "Psychedelic"~ 

Perhaps this is a hint that "Delic" might be coming out soon too? I'll leave that to your imagination!

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