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Catching up: A month in, a new schedule and picking out songs...

It has already been a little more than a month since I entered NS. 

I got to say, it changed quite a few things for me. On one side of the spectrum, I feel exhausted, 

training every day, marching all around, cleaning the bunk so we won’t get screwed. I miss the mainland a lot when I’m there and the 2 years feel so far away. But on the other hand, I actually find it nice there. When you’re there, you are shut out from the world and you have time to think about yourself (amidst all the training). The air is clear there, where I feel slightly suffocated when I book out. It disciplines you on your behaviour and your preferences. Since you can’t choose your food, it helps you to be less picky about what you eat. There you learn to work as a team a lot. Everyone must work together and no man gets left behind.

My schedule has changed once again where now I have to watch around 7 days’ worth in one sitting. It’s not so bad as I have done that before but repeatedly doing it has been making it quite a chore as I don’t just watch anime. 

I watch YouTube, surf the web, read manga and light novels and doing all that in one day is really tiring. At times I play Overwatch and the schedule gets even packed (I play a lot of Mei recently. I really like how she can build up her ultimate fast). No matter how much I complain, not much can be done to help it. There are some shows that I want to drop as it drains a lot from me just watching it but for now it’s still in my watching list. There are a lot of movies and OVA that came out this season, so I might watch them as a break from watching the usual shows.

I have a hard time picking out the songs for this season.

One reason is because I have limited time to use my phone once I’m in camp and I’m afraid of using it when I return home from booking out as I’m in my uniform. Second is because I am really tired from all the physical training. Another reason is that, and this is my personal opinion, this season’s songs are not as great. There are some good ones but the others didn’t really stick for me. Were my expectations too high for this season?

STGCC was another thing that I wanted to go to but I couldn’t as I booked out late on Saturday. I would have gone to it on Sunday but I prioritise something else before that.

I finally bought the remaining light novels for Spice & Wolf. I have been waiting so long to complete it and now I can properly read the whole series again. 

As a bonus I got the third volume for Mushoku Tensei. I really hope the light novel gets translated soon. On the way back from Kinokuniya, I managed to see some cosplayers returning from STGCC either buying dinner or just walking around. It’s really interesting to see the reaction of people passing by as they look at the colourful and detailed costumes they put on. One that caught my eye was the Judy and Nick cosplay from Zootopia. People were smiling when they see the ears and tails.

I really miss going to events. I probably won't be going to AFA this year as it’ll be in the later part of BMT and I’ll probably be tuckered out. But it’s okay. I’m saving up money for something greater than that. Just three more months. I hope I have slightly more than enough by then.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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2 comments to ''Catching up: A month in, a new schedule and picking out songs..."

  1. Good luck, well if you ain't going to take any leadership roles your going to be fine, you'll have lots of spare time after bmt and just download most of the shows you didnt manage to watch at home