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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #387: Saber Bride (Good Smile Company)

As promised in my review of Good Smile Company's milestone Nendoroid, Altria Pendragon a month ago, I'll be reviewing all ten full-sized Saber Nendoroids. This is partly due to the resurgence of the Fate/Stay Night franchise in the coming year and a little challenge I took on from my Saber-obsessed friend. This particular Saber Nendoroid I'm reviewing also happens to be my favourite among all ten, even beating out milestone Nendoroids like Altria Pendragon and the Type Moon 10th Anniversary one.

I've never been the biggest fan of the original Saber. I much prefer Tohsaka Rin and Matou Sakura as heroines in their respective routes in the visual novel and eventually, the anime for Sakura. However, Saber from the Fate/Extra series is a different story altogether. 

Her bold and imperious personality coupled with hilarious vignettes in the form of her cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm and Niconama stream on April Fool's Day last year sealed the deal for me. Not to mention her significantly larger bust and more revealing outfit. But that's obviously not as important to most people compared to her longer ahoge, right?

Saber's 'Bridal Gown of Restraint' outfit in the Fate/Extra CCC game is incredibly detailed and she's affectionately referred to as 'Saber Bride' in this case. Much like their two 1:7 scale models of her, Good Smile Company has nailed her lacy get-up in the Nendoroid, from the ombre colouring in her veil to other tiny details present. I even took the time to compare the figure to the official art and I'm glad to report that its a perfect copy.

Yes, it's the standard Nendoroid packaging featuring the various poses the figure can adopt along with the usual list of information and warnings. What caught my eye in this case would be the chibi expression that one faceplate has, specially created by Fate/Extra CCC's character designer, wadarco. It's one of the cutest Nendoroid faceplates I've seen, if not the cutest. There's even an image showing off how detailed her veil is to boot.

Much like a standard Nendoroid, it comes with the usual host of faceplates and accessories. Although the selection may seem bland to some, even I struggle to think what Good Smile Company can throw in other than a more appealing base. Think of this as an expansion to Saber Extra's original Nendoroid featuring her red outfit.

Sadly, I continue to lack creativity and have just decided to stick with one of the poses showcased on the website and packaging. Balancing her sword was trickier than it looked but after assembling and posing Yamato from Kantai Collection, this was a piece of cake. I'll change her pose eventually to feature the chibi faceplate and alternate ahoge but with many more reviews coming up, that is the least of my priorities right now.

For Saber fans, the Saber Bride Nendoroid is a nice addition to your collection, standing out from the sea of blue and silver that one would normally associate with the King of Knights. I much prefer Saber Extra (AKA Red Saber), so this purchase was a no-brainer for me and with a Fate/Extra anime series airing next year, it's also a great time to hop onto the hype train.

Written by ET

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