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Figure Unboxing and Review: Type-Moon Racing Nero Claudius 1/7 Scale (Stronger)

It seems that the Fate franchise has something new in store for fans every year, be it a new anime movie or series, update after update to the mobile game Fate/Grand Order or hordes of collectible figures finally hitting stores after being announced. What piqued my interest the most in the past year would be the Type-Moon Racing theme that features different characters from the various spinoffs as grid girls. Some of them have remained two-dimensional, only being featured as artwork on cars, like Miyu Edelfelt from Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya or Atalanta from Fate/Apocrypha. Others have had scale figures produced, with three of them from the main Fate/Stay Night series...and Nero Claudius from Fate/Extra, just because. Nero Claudius' figure was part of a set of three, as you can see from the image above. I wasn't particularly interested in Rin or Artoria Pendragon, although the Excalibur umbrella accessory for her was tempting but it was an instant pre-order the moment Nero Claudius was announced, again, just because.

The packaging was simple enough, allowing you to view the entire 1/7 scale figure. It also featured Stronger's logo along with the Type-Moon Racing one. Coincidentally, all four Type-Moon Racing figures have been produced by Stronger, not that I have any problems with that, having purchased their Toujou Nozomi 1/8 scale figure previously. The gloss on Nero Claudius' jacket and boots was eye-catching even within the blister pack itself, matching the promotional images that were making the rounds.

Like how Artoria's Excalibur was turned into a makeshift umbrella, Nero's Aestus Estus was re-designed and re-purposed for race day, this time as the placard for Rin. I chuckled at how much thought was put into the design and lament that Rin didn't get any character-specific accessory like the two Sabers featured alongside her. A secondary arm accessory was included but it was an odd addition because Aestus Estus could only work with the original arm part due to how it needed to rest on a specific spot on the base. You had to pick one or the other and I'm definitely choosing the more eye-catching option, thank you very much.

Stronger managed to incorporate Nero's colour scheme of red, white and gold well into her grid girl outfit well, much like how they did for both Artoria and Rin. For the more...discerning fans out there, the butt window from her original outfit's dress is included for good measure, but considering that Nero is already wearing hot pants...oh well, common sense be damned. Personally, Nero has the most dynamic and flamboyant pose out of the three, fitting her character to a t. The fact that her jacket was sculpted to appear as if it was fluttering in the wind was a major plus point as well. 

As expected, the figure's paint job was flawless, from the gold boot zippers and toe caps to the glossy red paint being applied right down to her hair ribbon. For collectors with a brightly lit room or display case, you're going like this figure even more. If I had one complaint, it would be that Nero's face is obscured at most angles because she's looking sideways. This is made worse as her face is covered by her hair, but that's hardly a deal-breaker for any potential collector, or in my books anyway. I do hope Stronger or even Alter continue to produce scale figures under the Type-Moon Racing line because the ones that are available right now are knocking it out of the park and considering how profitable the Fate franchise has been for a good part of the past decade, its easy money to be made.

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