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Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Kuroko no Basuke Kuroko Tetsuya

The best things in life come in cardboard boxes... Specifically those bringing me figurines from Japan! I received this months ago, and I was so excited I immediately got to work unboxing! Life got busy though, so I'm only blogging about this now ^_^"

Before that, a little background on Kuroko! He is the main protagonist of Kuroko no Basuke, the phantom sixth member of the Generation of Miracles and specializes in misdirection and passes. He calls himself a "shadow". Right now he is playing in Seirin basketball team.

Some information before I show you more pictures...

Character: Kuroko Tetsuya
Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Sculptor: Yuma
Release date: January 2014

The box is pretty simple, even the cutouts are rectangular-ish.

Kuroko is printed on all sides of the box, even the top! The block red and black colour theme as well as the simple design didn't help to get the box to stand out but I guess the simplicity of it prevented this figure from costing an exorbitant sum...

The plastic used is pretty floppy, but it's not a problem. I'm not displaying it and it did a more than adequate job in protecting Kuroko on his way to me!

As you can see, zero assembly is required except for attaching him to his base!

Here's a close up of his face! One gripe I have about this figurine is his abnormally sharp nose, I think the sculptor overdid this :(

On the other hand, he did an excellent job on the uniform! Very realistic wrinkling effects, even for his shorts. I suppose I don't need to point out his well-defined collarbones since if you're anything like me, those would have been the first thing you'd notice when you see this picture *nosebleeds* Those are amazingly well done! In this picture we also get to peek at his muscled arms *more nosebleeding*

And here we go! One serving of arm muscles coming up! At this point I really relate to Gou-chan's (of Free!) obsession with muscles... Ah dammit, someone hand me tissues already! *proceeds to stuff them up my nose* By the way, isn't the texture of his sweatband amazing?

Kuroko's petite for a male basketballer, but even then his legs are those of a sportsman. It's a shame his ankles here seem to be too delicate to support his weight... It is a pretty ankle though, as strange as it sounds! Oops, I'm rambling again! I originally wanted to talk about his shoes ^^" They're soooo detailed! The laces looks individual, I can see the soles of his shoes, and Kuroko's even wearing socks!

My favourite thing about this Kuroko is probably the hands. They're extremely realistic, it's like looking at a miniature version of my own ones! You can also see from this picture that the basketball's texture is done nicely too.

The base is nice, not too plain but in a subtle way that complements the figure instead of stealing attention from it! It's commendable that the floor boards have unique grains and texture, but unfortunately that is why I have to deduct points, since basketball courts are smooth parquet.

Kuroko's hair looks ridiculously spiky from some angles, such as this one. Understandably it's all about wanting to convey movement but I wish the top strand wouldn't stick out so straight and high! It makes me think of an antenna...

A 360 degree view of Kuroko:

That's all I have for you! Overall, I'm reaaaally satisfied with this figure! I've got Kagami from the same series and manufacturer already on his way from Japan (it's been a week so I'm hoping to get him within the next few days!) and I'll post another unboxing when the time comes! Til then, mata ne! Lots of love~

Written by Nana

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2 comments to ''Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Kuroko no Basuke Kuroko Tetsuya"

  1. Hi, thank you for this review! I enjoyed this very much(made me want to buy it). Do you think you are able to give me a link or website I can refer to, to buy this figure?

    1. Hi! I bought mine from but it's sold out now, Amazon is usually my second choice! Try this one, it is the cheapest: