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A Toilet Ghost Story

Traditionally, there isn't a better time for a wicked ghost story than summertime or Halloween. However, ghost stories are essentially timeless and rather fluid. Frankly, I really wouldn't wait until then to indulge in a ghost story, because the mood simply comes and goes. So, before mine just sneaks off like that, I want to tell our readers a little ghost story...

You know, it would be great to scream only when I have delivered the scary bits. Then again, you might not feel remotely terrorised at all. That is fine too, because the tolerance level varies for everybody. If you prefer a daytime ghost story, I could tweak the details a little to fit your preference. Likewise for a night-time ghost story. Now, shall we?

Confinement and claustrophobia usually make terrific atmospheric horror. I am certain many readers must have seen or heard plenty of such. This one takes place inside a school, or its toilet to be more specific. There isn't a standard way to tell it, because the details are surprisingly adaptable. I have heard of multiple variations myself. So, there is a poor student who for some reason needs to stay behind after school. Let's call the student X.

X has been buried under an enormous pile of paperwork for several hours, and the sky is gradually darkening. He has long ignored the cries in his stomach, choosing to complete his work as quickly as possible. But there is something that he just can't hold it any longer. Yeah, he needs the toilet badly.

Most people would think of the hallway as creepy, even more so when dusk sets in. However, X is only concerned about his weakening bladder. He runs across the corridor, not really taking in the surroundings. Hanako has just floated out of some corner, quivering in fear (?)...

Apparently, poor Hanako is no longer the fearsome ruler of the girls' toilet. There is a Hanako lookalike (?) terrorising the girls mercilessly with some sick, lame toilet jokes. Unfortunately, Hanako is unable to chase her impostor away...

Anyway, there is an unusual commotion inside the boys' toilet that amuses X as he runs in. Somehow, there is a furious girl who has been pelting roll after roll of toilet paper at a terrified boy. X desperately needs the cubicle, yet he is unsure of how to shoo them out without killing himself. So, he heads for a different floor instead.

Finally, X thinks to himself in relief. He shuts the cubicle door and relaxes for a bit. The sun should be completely set by now, he wonders. But there is still quite a pile left on the desk, and it would be impossible to bring everything home. Never mind that, let's just relish (?) the much-needed toilet break first...what? There is no toilet paper!!!

Suddenly, X hears a disembodied voice: Do you want red paper, or blue paper? He quickly knocks on the neighbouring cubicle, thinking there is a fellow student inside. The same voice repeats its question: Do you want red paper, or blue paper? X is undoubtedly baffled, but his desperation swiftly takes control and he says: Hmm, I want the red paper. 

The voice gurgles and replies: Sure, now put your hand under. Immediately, X brings his eager hand down towards the next cubicle. At the same time, an unknown hand brutally grabs his and lunges X completely into the menacing darkness...

X is discovered all bloody and lifeless the next morning. Next to his body is also a pile of crumpled red paper, presumably so by his own blood...

Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!! Thank you, boys and girls.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪
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