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Figure Unboxing and Review: Edna 1/8 Scale (Alter)

As usual Alter has outdone themselves once again with a figure and we are reviewing said figure -- Edna from Tales of Zestiria. She is the second figure from TOZ after Alicia and likewise is absolutely beautiful.
In my opinion, the packaging for her outer box is pretty lame and not very creative but each to its own. I heard that the design is kept consistent with Alter's TOX line but as I don't own any TOX figures, that will remain a mystery to me for a while. Funny, because I like TOX far more than TOZ.
Blister-wise, Edna is pretty decent. The blister is sturdy and keeps its shape well. The figure is enclosed in snugly with tape to hold the blister pieces together. There are many small things included -- the base, her umbrella and even Normin (the plush-like thing).


She comes with two bases, the brown plate (that looks really hideous imo.) and a rock to pose her sitting on it. The pegs on the plate are for the rocks and the depression on the rock surface are for Edna's buttcheeks.

And by depression, I mean this:
Yes, those three dips.
There is a fair share of details on the rock itself, which makes it look naturally like it is a part of nature, which is a plus because Edna is an Earth seraph. Earth... Rock... Moss... get it?

Those green things are moss and while I do agree the idea of moss makes it look more realistic, it's weird that there's moss but no grass. I would have rather gotten a grassy base than that weird diamond brown plate thing they got going there.
The underside of the rock is completely hollow and it comes with 4 pegs which are to secure the rock to the plate, as I mentioned before. There are no pegs for Edna and her feet doesn't even fit into any depressions in the rock. Her stability depends on her two buttcheeks and the three dips on the rock surface. I have absolutely no idea what Alter is thinking.

In any case, here's the two bases combined. 
And now we are ready to move to the next section!

Posing and Assembly
Let's start with assembly first, because this is the tough part of this figure. Everything about the umbrella is so fragile, I swear.
Look at those thin white metal-like parts that form the frame of the umbrella. Realistic, yes but also incredibly fragile. And how does Normin fit in that? Alter has an instruction sheet just in case you need it!
Okay, so we need to slide the umbrella stick part into both her hands and insert the heart-shaped handle in on the other end after. That's the easy part. Normin comes in with a thin-wire hook that you need to hook into one of the umbrella wire parts (specific image for it on bottom left), and Alter even warned that the hook is fragile.
This is how thin it is. 
I am not kidding. Be. Careful.

And after putting Normin on it, all that is left is to place Edna's buttcheeks onto the rock and the assembly is done!

Onward to the posing~

360 of Edna shows that she comes with many details. Her yellow and brown color palette is very Earth-y and gentle, which is very well-matched with her atmosphere and pose (including facial expression) in this figure, but unlike her cheeky and smug side.

Pose itself is rather unique and a sitting figure is very easily to pose as it will not take up a large amount of space and you can still display figures behind her due to the decreased height. However, the rock and her attire will make her very difficult to blend with other figures.

Sculpting and Painting

Starting with examining the umbrella. We see that it comes with two tone color -- a darker brown inside and a lighter one outside. The darker brown gives a nice contrast to the metal frame of the umbrella and the lighter shade is calming to look at. The umbrella also has other details like the border of white around its circumference. This border of white has two darker brown lines forming a pattern as a barrier to separate out the light brown center and the painting for these lines are extremely crisp. There are no paint flaws whatsoever.
Normin comes with perfect paint quality as well and even his tiny white eyebrows look perfect and cute. No paint flaws or spills once again. The sculpting of the ribbon knot is superb and it looks like Normin is actually hanging there with how taut the tied leg looks and the other leg flopping down. 

Gravity at its finest.
The pole part of the handle of the umbrella is once again in brown which is a contrast to her blond hair despite being of the same color palette. Her hair has individual strands sculpted, however, I dislike how stiff everything looks. Though knowing this originated from a game, it's easy to see why due to CGs.

The hairband and ribbon adds a good touch to her hair though the green ribbon part going down her ponytail feels more like it was just painted on. There is no show of any form of restriction caused by that ribbon on her ponytail, and... well I think that boils down to her character design than the sculpt, really.
 Her choker and pendant look superb and the whiteness adds a very good touch to the figure. Her outfit has a mass of pale colors and striking yellows and dark browns. The colors work together nicely. Minimal shading is used but the way it catches light creates natural shading already so I'll close an eye to that.

Her inner vest has some really cute frills, as seen from her chest and the hem of the dress, and the clean painting of the three dots of white as details (Japan loves that 3 dots on design thing), but I'll like to direct attention to her lighter outer dress instead. There are patterns sculpted onto her chest area. Intricate patterns! It just looks so lovely! The patterns and diamond cut-outs at the hem area also look very unique and adds this lovely feminine touch to the figure.
Nothing too special about her glove, but I like how it looks tightened at the wrist area from the green ribbon. Her wrist is showing the same effect too, especially for the round nearer to her elbow.

Pelvic area features some really nice and realistic creases as well.
The handle of the umbrella looks extremely bulky but it does have that wood-effect where there are different shades of brown on the same piece. Alter pulls it off here, and as for bulky, I'll close an eye because nothing can be more bulky on her than those impractical looking boots.

And Edna must love bondage because she has something tied around her again, this time yellow around her legs. Hair, hands, legs... what next? Though I love how it does actually look tight this time round and the pulling of the ribbon is seen at her limbs, and I'll illustrate that later in a clearer picture.
Hideous thick bulky boots. How does she even walk in these? They look too huge for her!

But leaving these assumptions and criticisms aside, there are some really nice details on these boots. We see that they are painted with a glossier paint to give the impression that they are polished. The folded down portion has a different texture, made with matte paint. There's a star-shaped pattern above the buckle and that is a very thin and crisp line, on both boots. Clean lines. Wow.

There is also a slight lax of material at the area around the star while the area below the buckle to the boots looks tough. This makes it look real and similar to how most boots work.

The buckle has a nice intricate pattern and the metallic paint gives a slightly different texture to give us something else to enjoy when looking at her!
Nice stitch details at the bottom of her boots and realistic height for her boots which are kept consistent on both boots.
The back of her boots also feature more details such as more slack material and a gradient of the matte part. You have a gradient on the main shoe part as well and you can see that some pieces of leather are above others, making it look like a replica of a real shoe.
Such... thick... heavy-looking boots.
Two things to note here. First, the flower on her thigh. It adds a nice splash of color and once again ties in to her theme of Earth. There are three layers to this small detail, the pink flower, the orange flower and the leaves. There are veins for the leaves and  gradient for the flowers, going from lighter inside to a darker shade outside. It's amazing how such small details are preserved.

Second thing to note is the ribbon. The flow of the material looks so smooth and the material seem so lightweight. Gradient from yellow to orange keeps it really striking!
A close up of the flower and the creases around her lap area. You can look at the intricate details at the hem of her dress, especially the indents for the darker orange inner vest and the white trails for the lighter main dress.
From the underside, that's how the brown hemming for her dress works. It isn't very clear but there is a white dot thing in each triangle of material, and if you squint, you'll spot two just to the right of my thumb.
A close up of the heart-shaped handle of the umbrella and you can see details on the wood (lines) that you previously couldn't clearly see in the images above.
See the beginnings of the rose like things at Edna's back? The best is yet to come, because this is one of the most intricate things about this figure! 
Simply amazing!

The individual petals, all looking so thin and frail, join together to form a rose bud that holds the ribbons to Edna. Wow, that was a strange statement...

In any case, the lack of shading on these buds are evident but they are essentially at the back of the figure and not see usually. The details on this makes up for it. And speaking of details, let's look at the clothing on her back. 
Let's take a break and examine her back area with its intricate lace tie between the rose buds and down to the creases leading down to her bottom. A lot of thought seem to have been placed into how the buds weigh and how having them would affect the fabric.
Don't mind the swinging Normin at the corner of the image. 

Here we can see that white design on her back that has three layers all by itself and seem to be the thing holding the outer dress in place. The layering is awesome and the thought of having a layering there instead of a flat single piece of material is what makes this figure look and be so intricate and detailed.

Special shout-out to the hair at the back of her head and the black ribbon that adds a nice touch on its own as well. So many ribbons and bondage element in this figure owo)/

She is a pretty piece on her own and can be a statement piece. However, if you are displaying her in a detolf without any other figures to complement her, do note that she is actually quite small in person, and thus might make your shelf look empty.

If you have others of a similar theme or other Tales series figures to display with her, she will definitely complement them well. After all, they say you can't go wrong with neutral colors, right?

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