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Nanoblock: Gaara + Kakashi

Welcome back fellas!!

I'm back (finally) with another nanoblock post, this time featuring Gaara and Kakashi~~

Between Gaara and Kakashi, Gaara was a pain to build. He wasn't as stable, and out of the entire series, he is the only one that requires a base. Kakashi and Gaara both came prepacked with bases, but Gaara will not be able to stand without the base. Why? Notice his toes? They're not attached to the rest of his feet + sandals, so unless you want his toes running around during display, you gotta base them down.

Considering I'm the sort that, if one of them has no base, the rest should follow suit, I was quite peeved about the fact that Gaara needs the support. However, given that his base is brown, I can close an eye and take it as a 'ground/sand' prop, since he has the gourd as well.

Since his feet are attached and won't move around, you can very easily build him up. The problem only starts at his face, where the blocks don't intersect much. Most of his pieces are only attached to one 'bump' which is a pain when I'm trying to stack more blocks up tightly.

In the process of fixing him up I pressed down too hard on one side and somehow managed to destroy half his face LOL. Lucky his face didn't fly too far and I was able to get all the pieces back. Also, after a while I realised that his red blocks differed slightly in shade. It's not obvious on camera + you really gotta stare at it up close to notice.

Overall, 8/10. Nice when completed, pain to build from head up. Plus let's not forget that base.

Moving on to Kakashi, he's a dream to build.

Everything clicked really well, there were minimal tricky parts, and overall Kakashi held together quite tightly. Plus I like how they kept to the details and made his mask instead of conveniently using his hair to conceal the eye.

With modular blocks, there is a limit to how you can manage a design, but I think they nailed it!! Look at this spiky hair!! A++

I only wished they had an anbu version of Kakashi, or say if they came out with an Itachi design instead?!!

But alas, there are only four so far. At least I did manage to do my otp hehee. Well, I shall leave you the rest of the photos now~~

Nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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