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Christmas in Japan has been quite an intrigue, at least when its tradition sheds a comparatively different light. While Christmas may be over for many people, I still like to think of it as twelve days (thanks to the famous song). Anyway, be it abroad or back home, partying or not, Christmas is ironically wonderful when it happens somewhere else. Nope, there isn't any bitterness on my part. I am just saying. In Japan, Christmas is tied in with buckets of fried chicken. Yeah, it isn't turkey or ham or some other fancy roast. Interestingly, the idea of binging nothing but fried chicken isn't the slightest appalling. It is actually rather refreshing. Besides, the Japanese do Christmas with such innovation that it naturally brings out people's wallets willingly.

Yeah, it shouldn't feel bad...fried chicken and beer and probably something else. An escape is always favourable in prickly situations. Then again, if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, some friend to spend the occasion with in a more atmospheric setting, fried chicken won't matter much in the first place. Well, you would want to go out, wouldn't you? The best Christmas present is an extended trip to Japan, according to several Facebook posts. Such a nice feeling that must be. Again, there isn't any bitterness on my part. 

I probably should have had an anime marathon on Christmas, even though I did get out of the house to celebrate a little (not on my own). I mean, temporarily it wouldn't be bad to have fictional characters flooding themselves one after another as a massive consolation or something. I actually feel better looking at some of these. Oh, that reminds me...I bought some manga to console...I mean, give myself this Christmas. 

How was your Christmas? Hope you have had an okay one!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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