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Best Tourist Spots in Fukuoka

Fukuoka, located in Kyushu, is one of the locations best known for its ancient cities, beaches and modern shopping malls. As such, one of the notable sites for historical buildings, Fukuoka castle can definitely not be missed!
These ruins are located in Maizuru Park. Fukuoka Castle, also known as Maizuru Castle, was built by Kuroda Nagamasa in the beginning of the 17th century to show his support for Tokugawa Ieyasu during the battle of Sekigahara. This castle was the largest on Kyushu during Edo Period but was later torn down after the Meiji Restoration. As such, not much of the castle remains except ruined walls and several turrets but these are symbols of what the castle once was.
This is the beautiful view from the citadel itself. As seen, the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully and are so terribly eye-catching. The best time to visit is during the sakura blooming season in March to April, and partake in the flower viewing season, also known as hanami. Being a popular location for hanami,  there are plenty of cleared spots for the annual event.
Near the Maizuru Park is the Ohori Park, another famous park that attracts numerous tourists every year. This park was constructed between 1926 to 1929 and was modelled after the classical garden style of the West Lake in China, giving the two an uncanny resemblance. But this is just part of its charm.
Close to the Ohori Park is the Fukuoka Art Museum, however it is closed for renovations until March 2019. Fret not, there are many other things one can do at Ohori Park and that includes visiting the Japanese Garden in Ohori Park, which allows you to see many features one can't see in other locations such as dry landscapes and tea houses.
Apart from that, there is a shrine called the Gokoku Shrine, which is located after a large torii gate. The main shrine body has a gold structure that sets it aside from other shrines in the area.
Though, if you are not one for traditional places, there is always the Fukuoka Tower! With a height of 234 meters and covered with 8000 half mirrors, it is also known as the tallest seaside tower in Japan, and gives the viewer an unforgettable sight of the town below.
However, the exclusive sight isn't the only thing Fukuoka Tower has going for it. It has a beautiful illumination from the outside that makes it a notable landmark for miles all around it!
The lights extend all the way around the body of the tower and comes in at least 4 unique patterns, each for a different season. For instance, from the left we have cherry blossoms for Spring, Milky way for Summer, full moon for Autumn and a Christmas Tree for Winter!

It is also recommended that the view outside is enjoyed after seeing the night view from the observation room.
Another point to note about the Fukuoka tower is that it is also called the Lovers' Sanctuary. In the room itself is a heart-shaped flower arch and it makes a very nice photo when a couple hold hands and touch the mirror on either side.
In addition, there is a saying that if  a couple hangs a heart shaped love key at the Lovers' Sanctuary, their love would last forever. The love key also allows you to write some messages or notable dates on it!
Apart from these three, Fukuoka also has a lot of delicious food stalls and ramen. The most notable destination for this is the Canal City Hakata, which is a large shopping and entertainment complex and contains many common shops you see in Singapore's mall, all collected into one whole large-scale building for locals and foreigners to enjoy. Right at the center if the canal is a water fountain, which features water shows every half hour from 10am to 10pm.

Hope you will consider visiting Fukuoka and enjoy your time there!

All information and pictures taken from TripAdvisor, Japan guide and Fukuoka Tower's website.

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