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Love Live!! School Idol Festival (EN): Event wrap-up and scouts -- Minami Kotori Medley Festival

And here it is, a 8 day event by Klab again. Do you know what that means? That means a really crazy mad rush, but then again what's Love Live if there isn't grinding?

This event is a medley festival, which poor Kotori has been experiencing for her past 2 events (excluding this) and would have another medley next again. For the love of birbs, please stop with continuous medfests for her; my G isn't holding on well.

Rewards are the same as for any other single card medfest. The only difference is Kotori is slightly lower in points for her first copy due to the shorter event as opposed to the usual 10 days. It certainly helped when I was trying to grind for one copy of her within a day.
This are the results after my first day of grinding, shortly after I received Kotori. I'm proud to be on the top of my friend's list, but that wouldn't last long because I don't intend to go nuts over this card. I started the event with only 43 gems and still intend to scout several soloyolos during the event. I ended up using 28 gems to secure a place in T1 and managed to scout 25 gems during the event.

Here are the ending tiers for this event. The tiers ended up higher than what reddit predicted, especially so for T1. I have several friends missing the mark too.
During the event, Choir Hanayo came to visit. I spent a scouting ticket on this and drew initial SSR Kotori. Due to my shock at striking the 4%, I didn't take a screenshot of it, oh well.

During the event, my fingers got itchy to press the scouting button again and I decided to scout on Aqours instead because let's face it, Muse has disappointed me too much lately.
I got a SR. With the increased rates, these really do fly out a lot nowadays. I soloed another scout of her earlier in the month, which meant that I could idolise her! After deliberating to idolise or sell her, I decided to idolise her instead~

That twisted back though!

During the event, there was also an announcement of Watanabe You's promo UR coming to the EN server which meant that the release date will be similar to the JP's one!
Because Love Live needs bikini girls with twisted backs no matter what the theme is, 
be it a freezing cold winter. Fan-service, much?
Upon the end of the event comes Yohane's UR. While I am not really keen on getting the UR, I am aiming for the SR Sakurauchi Riko. I got her with a single ticket on JP server and I was hoping my EN would live up to expectations, especially with 4 scouting tickets. It obviously... didn't.

4 tickets, 3 SR. I can't complain about my rates here but... Riko, where art thou? I wouldn't be trying anymore on this scout though.

And last but not the least, we have Kotori idolised (not max bonded). She is at skill level 2 for me.

I love the unidolised Kotori and would be leaving her as such although she is idolised. What about you?

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