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「Mobage」Yumeiro Cast: Introductions to the Musical!

I have periods when I get really really sick of Love Live and I'll turn to other games instead. This time, it's Yumeiro Cast and I have the feeling that it is here to last.
I knew close to nothing about YumeCast before starting the game and was only drawn in by the art but upon starting the game, I immediately got drawn in by three of the characters -- Kyouya, Sousei and Kaito. They are in no particular order at the moment.

There are 7 characters in total.

From left: Asahina Kyouya, Fujinuma Iori, Tachibana Sousei, Sakuragi Hinata, Shindou Kaito, Amamiya Jin, and Jougasaki Subaru.

Let's introduce the characters!

Asahina Kyouya

Kyouya is the son of the founder of Yumeiro Company and became the chairman after losing his parents. He has always loved musicals since he was a child and finally debuted in high school. His role in the team is as to oversee the overall production.

Fujinuma Iori

Being the son of a distinguished family in the theatrical worldhas its own troubles. Iori was sick of kabuki and left the house, joining Yumeiro Company. Here, he puts his skills from training at kabuki to good use and manages the acting and movements.

Tachibana Sousei

Sousuke is Kyouya's childhood friend. They decided to become musical actors together after Kyouya dragged Sousuke to one of his singing lessons. In Yumeiro Company, Sousuke is in charge of management and the paperwork.

Sakuragi Hinata

Hinata has been in the showbiz since young and was in many TV dramas and commercials since then. To challenge his performing skills, he decided to leave the TV industry and become a musical actor. In Yumeiro Company, he is the costume designer.

Shindou Kaito

Kaito was originally from a popular rock band and is gifted at piano. He later realised that he is talented in both composing and performing as well and joined Yumeiro Company through connections. He is in charge of composing music and managing the songs and singing in the production itself.

Amamiya Jin

Jin is a dancer who participated in New York Broadway. After leaving, he came under the wing of Kyoya's father and only returned to Japan upon receiving news of the man's death. He joined the Yumeiro Company then and is in charge of choreography.

Jougasaki Subaru

Subaru gave up his dream of being a professional soccer player after an injury. He has admired Iori ever since watching a kabuki performance by him and Yumeiro Company and joined the company as a result. He has high physical abilities and puts them to good use.

In this story, you play as a female scriptwriter and you found Kyoya and Sousuke arguing one night. You confronted them and asked them to stop and to your embarrassment, it was merely a script and they were outdoors to change up the mood for their rehearsal. Upon meeting them again the next day, you were asked to join Yumeiro Company as a scriptwriter which you will agree to and you are then gradually introduced to the other main characters.

YumeCast is a rhythm game and due to the (smaller) fanbase, doesn't have much competition for events... yet. It is still a game you can relax in, relatively, when compared to Starlight Stage or Love Live SIF or Idolish7 for instance.

You can download YumeCast through a VPN on Google Play, or simply download the APK. I have my APK downloaded through QooApp and you might want to give that a try if you are on Android. Unfortunately, I don't know the steps needed to get this game on iOS.

The game is completely in Japanese and will most likely stay that way. There are tumblr posts translating the stories and menus so you'll definitely not lose out! They are also giving away free gems (Dream stones) due to Christmas, so now is really a good time to jump onto the bandwagon~

YumeCast also has a twitter (in Japanese) for updates which you can find here.

My next article will be about the gameplay mechanics of YumeCast so stay tuned until then! If you pardon me, I have to go back to grinding the event for my best 3 :D

For more info about the gameplay mechanics, scouting, and event summaries, please refer to my later articles.

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