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Happy New Year, dearest readers. I know that I am several days late into 2017, but a new year is still a new year! So things have been rather slow on my side, but that is how life goes sometimes. Of course, I get a little more worried when the down time stretches past a certain extent, like now for example. I hope that everybody has had a good start, be it in whatever that matters. Today, I am going to share my interest in an anime title that has recently premiered. Yeah, there is also the manga which might just overshadow. Seriously, I need more motivation to sit through the adaptations.

Anyway, here is Fuuka. I didn't realise that it was a spin-off from Suzuka You see, I have never watched or read Suzuka, though my ears have caught its theme song pretty much by accident many years ago. I suppose that it wouldn't affect in any way my interest, or the possible decline which would then render this introduction severely useless. Then again, nothing is ever completely certain. The extremely close-up shot of who I presume is Fuuka on the cover had attracted me in the first place. 

Who is Fuuka then? She loves music, lives her life to her own pace and doesn't own a mobile phone. The last bit has tickled me for some unknown reason. Sure, there are still people who don't carry mobile devices, but there is something about that revelation which has kind of made me snort through my nostrils. Besides, she looks do I say this? She doesn't look ancient enough to fit into that stereotype. Oh wait, the term is country bumpkin. Yeah, Fuuka over here doesn't scream of the countryside. 

The series is tagged under Music, so that also becomes part of why I am (hopefully still) interested. Anything...well, almost anything that has music in its genes is enough to hold my attention for a while here. It doesn't have to be in my face though. Fuuka seems ready to set the trails ablaze. It has been fairly long since I last saw anything remotely related to music and the idea of it. This one feels inviting as well. I should be sticking to it, and perhaps I would complement the experience by attempting to dig the trenches for Suzuka. 

Apparently, hair colour changes very easily for some people. I didn't even realise that they were the same person in some cases. Anyway, is anybody catching Fuuka? I hope that it is uplifting!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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