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Results for Mangaka Battle 2016

The Mangaka Battle 2016 took place in December 2016 where artists digitally drew either Yushiko, Yuumi or Miwa Haruka. After one month, we now have the results for the Top 3 winners and all the entries. Winners please contact us to claim your prizes.

Top prize Winner : Miwa Haruka by Rion Genovia

Second Prize Winner : Yushiko by Elvin Neal Bersamira

Third Prize Winner : Yuumi by Carmille Marco

Here are the rest of the entries.

 Yushiko by Aaron Miguel Garcia
 Yushiko by Carmille Marco

 Miwa Haruka by Corinne Pamplona

 Yushiko by Cyril Mozar

 Miwa Haruka by Daniella Nicole Abas

 Miwa Haruka by Dolly Ting

 Miwa Haruka by Gwen Sarmiento Timoteo

 Yushiko by John Rick

 Miwa Haruka by Lily Richeliu

 Miwa Haruka by Niatrinne Nashi

Yushiko by Shinnrin Shiori

Miwa Haruka by Charlotte Dela Cruz

Thanks all for your participation in this Mangaka Battle. If you did not win, we hope you had fun and experience in drawing nevertheless.

See you next time.

Written by Max

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