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Bokutachi no Koukan Nikki

It is beyond words that how a Google search for something could open up a door to another which would gradually make one forget about what they had meant to look for. That was how I stumbled upon a glittering diamond down from the trenches. I had wanted to search for a manga title, but an intervention of fate brought my eyes to a beautiful Japanese movie from nearly two years ago. My initial disinterest had barely lasted. You know how some things are able to slither into your mind and such? Yeah, this movie did. I couldn't stop thinking about it. However, I'm still glad that I couldn't stop thinking. Our world is continuously paved with coincidences. One thing leads to another. I would love to share this movie with readers today - Bokutachi no Koukan Nikki. A literal translation would feel a little strange, but it simply means an exchange of diary entries between us.

Yeah, what started out as a little idea that was met with much resistance would later blossom into a stark, confessional, twisted, emotional yet very important self-discovery of a struggling comedy duo. Any readers appreciate owarai? Owarai plays a huge role in the world of Japanese television, and its ever-increasing broad appeal and unique creativity continue to transcend past domestic waters and entertain audiences internationally. Much of what owarai contributes stretch behind the scenes as well. While nobody can say for sure just how genuine a lot of those outbursts and such were, I suppose that it is largely evident that the realism attached to many comedy acts is often a catalyst for what they would represent on and off-stage. A frequent quote which a lot of people might have heard before is that comedians are sad people. Sadness is just the beginning, for the cauldron is brewing something that is much more groundbreaking.

The movie introduces us to the comedy duo Boso Swimmers, made up of Tanaka Youhei (played by Itou Atsushi) and Koumoto Kouji (played by Koide Keisuke). Since twelve years ago, Boso Swimmers have been struggling to make their mark as a comedy duo. Yet, their hard work would largely go unappreciated despite having had a few local gigs here and there. Koumoto persists Tanaka on the idea of diary sharing - stuff which they would find it difficult to convey face-to-face would be openly expressed in the entries. A somewhat socially awkward Tanaka downright refuses ("I don't want to") but Koumoto simply rattles on by offering a glimpse into his private life to the confusion and slight disgust of Tanaka. Gradually, Tanaka relents in his own way though any other sign of discomfort is still lingering a little. Through this unique form of correspondence in between their gigs and such, we understand the backstory of Boso Swimmers and their difficult journey that has profoundly affected them across different aspects. Of course, there are many emotions and thoughts which wouldn't see the light of day unless something major happens. In the case of Boso Swimmers, it is nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.

While I have indeed enjoyed this movie, I must say that the final act has taken away some precious brownie points from the experience. Frankly, even if the movie were to conclude on an ambiguous note, there are other ways to put across that intention. The twist had felt over the top and was seriously unnecessary. Anyway, the last bits of dialogue between Tanaka and Koumoto still attempted to connect back to where their shared diary first began. I suppose that nothing else would have made a better closure to a sincere movie written and directed by veteran comedian Uchimura Teruyoshi.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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