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Queen Bee "WE BEE-LIEVE" Whatsapp, LINE and Telegram Stickers

The world as we know it, has been turned upside down by the Covid-19 virus. Singapore has not been spared by this pandemic. Despite our best efforts, the number of infected cases keep on rising. Many people are now staying at home to ride out this storm. The virus taught us a painful lesson. It requires everyone of us to look at our personal hygiene and how it affects the society. There will be a new norm after the world wakes up with a new beginning. In the meantime, let us stay united and positive. We hope this Queen Bee "WE BEE-LIEVE" stickers can brighten your days, remind one another to Stay Home and convey words of gratitude to our Frontliners.
Most importantly, Stay Home and ride it out.

Queen Bee is an original character of MILKCANANIME

WhatsApp & iMessage

A) Download the free stickers here or
(You need to download the app as shown below on your phone)

B) In the top bar of app, search for Queen Bee "WE BEE-LIEVE" or the Pack Code "QEET0D". Then follow the instruction in the app to download.


For fans of Telegram, we have also released the cute version of stickers. Click here to get the Telegram stickers


For LINE users, you may visit here to purchase.
We hope you love this pack. 
Please share our Stickers pack with your friends and loved ones!

Designed by Max Wong & Shirielise 

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