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Akkun to Kanojo

Hello! Hopefully, there isn't too much dust on the covers or something. I haven't been very motivated to browse around for anime for a scarily long time, but that feeling seems to stretch across other things anyway. But I still peek a bit here and there, without the slightest objective whatsoever. If you want a relatively brainless (in a good way though) show to relief nothing in particular yet still serves some kind of purpose, here is Akkun to Kanojo!

Each episode runs for just three and a half minutes, and the story proper is only about two and a half minutes. After the initial shock over its duration, I have to say that the remains simply breeze past like the wind (pun absolutely intended). Then again, the premise is indeed straightforward. A tsundere boyfriend and his perfect girlfriend who doesn't flinch the slightest at the guy's mannerisms.

Because each episode is really short, there really isn't much to be too excited about since the timer moves faster than what can be told within the painfully small time frame. In fact, the viewer needs to be rather alert for the humour (if any) doesn't grant the settling effect at all. I must say that the first episode did leave an awkward trail of question marks. Honestly, I was like what in the beep was that?

As mentioned earlier, Akkun to Kanojo (hopefully) still serves some kind of purpose amid its shortcomings. Whether you are able to laugh out loud or not, this anime might just keep a part of you oddly curious. I know I am!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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