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Madman Anime Festival 2017: Melbourne Part 1

Hi everyone! It's Nana だよ~ How's it going? I've been enjoying my post-exam holidays and recently attended an anime festival in Melbourne! I spent a whole weekend there and had so much fun. For an event that is only in its second year, I can safely say that it is pretty much at AFA standard and I am so impressed! Madfest includes panels, performances, movie screenings and autograph sessions, all of which were highly anticipated and well-attended!

The first thing that greeted me when I walked in was this! Next to it, there were a couple of itashas at a corner. Sadly, they were mostly ignored throughout the duration of Madfest, except during special performances.

The hot favourite was the Shingeki no Kyojin exhibition, which featured the original art panels from the first few chapters! Due to some circumstances, I was able to walk through it without bumping around with the crowd.

My favourite one has to be the Cowboy Bebop exhibition! I wish I could just bring the whole thing home... 

The exhibitions were all really popular animations! I'm glad to have been there to view them all.

The ever popular Good Smile Company also had a small booth set up! Within the first day, many of the Nendoroids on sale were snapped up.

There were a great many posters put up as well! For the event, there were five Japanese movie special screenings! The Fate one sold out within the first day, with No Game No Life following. For me, I caught the premiere of the Jojo DiU live action! It was well-executed for a live action movie! There were some people comparing it to the manga and anime and I think it is really ignorant to overlook the fact that a live action movie takes just as much effort.

I also snapped some photos of the cosplayers as I was walking around! One major difference between Singapore events and Madfest was that Madfest has more open spaces and such there is less jostling. Of course, local events have more people attending, but it was nice to have double the walkway width as well.

Aside from cosplayers, many of the event attendees also dressed up, some choosing anime tees, others dressing in lolita styles. The weather that day was quite chilly so props to them!

I'll be sharing more photos soon, so look out for that!

Written by Nana

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