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October: March comes in like a Lion, Hibike! Euphonium 2, Long Riders!

In life, be it virtual or real, we experience an awfully prolonged downtime which in turn adds on to our sufferings when we try to break out of that heavy shell, especially if nothing seems familiar anymore to our horror. Then we realise that we might have had let our imaginations run a little too far, so far that it is now another daunting task to bring ourselves back to where we were supposed to be. This month feels like one of those times, but it is still a relief knowing that there is something for us to hold on to. Yeah, my eyes have sparkled a bit upon hitting on some information. Fall has long started, but my anime list has just awakened.

3-gatsu no Lion, or March comes in like a Lion, is one of the titles that have intrigued me recently. Okay, maybe not that recently. After all, the books have gone past 12 volumes but my attention hadn't quite registered their presence in depth until about a month ago. The anime adaptation is definitely on my list, since there isn't a reason not to indulge in the other. Besides, an anime helps rest the eyes from all that page-flipping and such. Honestly, a little action is preferred. Don't worry, I still know what I am getting at. The anime had premiered on October 8th, and will run for 22 episodes.

Hibike! Euphonium has returned with its second season. Quite unfortunately, I didn't even realise that there was going to be a new season. I had actually bought the first novel which the series is based on, but very quickly the book became stuck in between the pages with no tell-tale sign of continuity for me. Yeah, if only I had checked out the manga adaptation instead. Reading a novel in Japanese is still considerably mind-boggling for me. Anyway, this is definitely an adventure that I would love to go on! I am still looping the music from the first season. There is something about being in an ensemble that beats all other feelings. The anime had premiered on October 6th.

Another series that has caught my attention is Long Riders!, which is all about cycling. Yeah, the radar is beeping strongly now! This time, the focus is on a group of college girls. Sure, there is the greenhorn whom we all have a soft spot for. The person who will blossom into this unstoppable force is set for another bout of familiarity. Hmm, but this one should feel a lot less violent, if anybody knows what I mean. I miss cycling, though mine isn't anywhere remotely close to what those characters are doing. I am definitely looking out for this series, because it just screams a lot of things. It had premiered on October 8th.

What are you readers currently watching? Fall seems to have a bigger trench with all the sparkling gems that are waiting to be uncovered. For now, I am fixing on those three. There is also the dwindling attention span to take care of. Anyway, I am sure that there will be enough to entertain me for a while! Happy watching!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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