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Yuri!!! On Ice

The universe is forever brimming with new and newer things, many of which are quietly manifesting somewhere, and whether or not the person intended realises their existence depends on how strong the radar within reacts. Mostly, the reaction is rather immediate. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my case. I would wonder how certain titles could pass me by for the longest time. Anyway, here is one of those...

Ice-skating. I have always wanted to ice-skate, but surprisingly after so many years of wanting to do that, I am still nowhere near an ice-skating rink. I would watch the crowd whiz past one another from a few floors above (the rink is usually at the basement of the shopping mall), and wonder how I would look like on the same spot. Unfortunately, ice-skating is extremely expensive to even try for fun.

Anyway, I can't believe that Yuri!!! On Ice has passed me by for the longest time. Recently, I came across one of the magazines (sorry I can't remember the title) featuring the main characters. I was rather drawn to the illustration style, but I didn't think that it would be a competitive sports-themed anime. If you were to ask me what I thought Yuri!!! On Ice would most likely be, [remark censored for general unsuitability]...

Then again, almost anything could be some adrenaline-pumping, highly competitive entity these days. Maybe the world is more desperately in need of a bigger, better change. With sports that symbolise and highlight deeper essentials beyond the usual entertainment, I suppose that it isn't any surprising how even a noob like myself could find pleasure in some of the titles. In some sense, it beats appreciating the actual sport. Okay, I am just not athletic...

Ice-skating feels like immersing into some unknown universe, full of uncertainties and challenges ahead, yet the intensity of the skates whizzing across the rink assures that the journey would come a full circle. Of course, if you tumble and hit yourself hard, reality beckons nonchalantly. But for the adventurous, it is just the beginning. I don't think I would ever step inside, but the thrill doesn't cut short for me either.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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