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Yushiko iPhone & Android Wallpaper

If you guys have been following us or Mangaka Spirits, you would have been acquainted with our young and pretty Yushiko. The name "Yu-shi-ko" represents the following : "Yu"- Elegance, "Shi" - Purple and Ko - Girl. She is the (virtual) Head of Mangaka Spirits and she enjoys nothing more than doodling and drawing anime art pieces.

Yushiko's birthday is on 11 December 1996. She is forever twenty! You may have noticed that she looks more "anime-ish" now compared to the previous drawings. 

Here are also 4 wallpapers if you love Yushiko. You may save them in your phone and set them as wallpapers. There are a couple of ways to do it. What I do is that I save in my computer first, then I email the attachment to my own email address. After which I check the email from my phone and save the attachment which goes to my phone album. Find the picture and tap "Save as wallpaper". Voila! Well, this method works for me as I don't like to plug in the phone cable. Use whatever methods that suit you.

The wallpapers are available in White, Black, Blue and Pink. If you need one in different colours, do email us.

Hope you like the wallpapers. For aspiring artists, continue to work hard and improve your drawings. The day will come when you will be proud of your own art pieces. And keep the Mangaka Spirits alive.

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