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Popin Cookin: Sushi Candy

Hey hey hey!!

Welcome back to another episode of Popin Cookin! I'll be reviewing the Sushi candy today~ Unlike the Taiyaki & Dango one, this one is entirely candy. Which also means that although it might look like sushi, everything tastes like candy. It's real sweet too. 

This one doesn't require a microwave, so no extra preparation required except having your mobile handy for english instructions! 

Again, the package is super user-friendly, and as with most Japanese items, every part is usable and comes together to form your entire sushi plate. 

Orighty! Let's get down to it~

I'll list down corresponding color to the ingredient needed:

Pink: Tuna
Yellow: Egg
Green: Salmon Roe A
Orange: Salmon Roe B
Blue: Rice
Brown: Soy Sauce
Black lump: Seaweed!

This set doesn't require any cutting up of the trays, but I would suggest you cut up the external packaging to prepare the plates first, so you'll have a place to put your rice.

The instructions call for mixing the rice first, so that's what I did. The smell was sickly sweet, but that's to be expected, this whole set is candy. Be careful when adding the water! I would suggest less water first, then adding more to get the consistency you want. I misjudged, and ended up with rice that was slightly damp. 

The texture was really weird because it felt like rice, but my brain knows it's candy. I just couldn't wrap my head around how they managed to get that texture. And from just rice and powder!

Up next is the egg roll~ You can't mess this up, and it's super cute with the whirly pattern. You're supposed to wait 3 minutes for it to set, but you can just move on to the next step. 

The next step is the tuna, and be super duper careful here! I accidentally added the salmon packet here and had to do a massive turnabout to try to save the salmon paste when I realised. The tuna also has a pattern on it, looks pretty realistic! 

Then while the tuna sets, move on to rolling out the seaweed. It has a bubblegum sort of texture, annd you shouldn't pull it too hard. Gently roll to your desired size, or it'll break like blu-tack when you pull too hard and fast. Leave it on the mat when you've reached your desired size, and let's move on to the most fun part: Salmon Roe!

This is the best. You have to prepare packet A and B, and B is your actual salmon roe solution. I'm assuming A is one that firms the roe into the ball it's supposed to be. So, use the given dropper to suck B up, then slowly drip them into solution A. Ta-dah! Salmon roe to perfection!!

Okay, now that you've got everything up all done, it's time to plate your rice. There are six plates provided, but honestly it feels like a bit much. I had to make super small portions to fit all six plates. But once you've done that, very carefully remove the tuna and egg and place them on top of your rice!

The seaweed piece should match with the salmon roe! You can go ahead and mix and match the toppings, the main point is to have fun here~

Last but not least, don't forget the soy sauce. It looks pretty alright, but the taste is terrible.

In fact, everything in this set is terrible, except for the salmon roe. The roe has the same juiciness that bursts open, like a real roe! Unlike the Taiyaki, where I finished everything, I could barely take a couple of bites of this set. The seaweed was the worst. ):

Overall, 10/10 for fun, maybe a 2/10 for taste. But then again, most Popin Cookin are meant for more fun than taste so, I guess mission accomplished? 

Nerd out! 

Written by: ninetylives 

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