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Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Kise Ryouta

Hi everyone! Here's a continuation of my Megahouse Kuroko no Basuke unboxing posts! I received the final figure in the series two weeks ago, Akashi, but today it is Kise I will be showing! So far in the series: Kuroko, Kagami and Aomine.

I guess we don't need further introduction to anime basketball's most famous ikemen (pretty boy), so I'll jump right into it!

As usual, all sides of the box is emblazoned with the character's photos.

Kise's figurine is rather similar to Kagami's as he is doing a short jump, so the parts are similar as well.

Personally I think this position is impossible to pull off without falling!

I find Kise's hair disappointingly floppy. However, he has some excellent muscles! I also like his face and the earring, while logically impractical for Kise while he is playing, is a nice detail. The basketball also has great texture!

Uniform-wise, Megahouse did a great job as usual: sharp and clean lines, good colouring and realistic clothing folds!

Overall, while I'm not as excited about Kise as the others, I definitely like the quality of his figurine! My favourite part is his happy expression! Kise is a rather bubbly character and it has translated well over here. Meanwhile, stay tuned for another Murasakibara next!

Written by Nana

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