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[Figure Unboxing] Yazawa Nico Training Outfit Nendoroid

From the line of Love Live! Nendoroids that brings you muse members in their daily training outfits! This nendoroid has held my interest ever since the picture for its preorder got released (already more than one year ago, I suppose, since the release date for her was mid-June 2016!) After an unsuccessful preorder enquiry, and much thinking later, I gave in to Yazawa Nico's cuteness ♡

The original price was at 3500 yen (around S$45 sans the shipping), however that preordering online from sites like AmiAmi gives you discounts (approx 20%, so around S$36 as the base price, actually!) - and if you choose cheaper shipping options, and order other non-bulky items together, it will be approximately S$42. I bought Nico from La-Tendo at S$47.50 after member price, so it's still not too bad! I think it's a pretty good deal already ♡

But first, I need to apologise to Nico... As you can see from the dusty box (/flips a table) I got her sometime in October or even September last year, and I only got around to opening the box now! But the wait is now over - she can now nico nico nii freely~

[Apologies for the incoming clutter in the background as well] (/flips another table)

It comes with two faceplates and many other accessories that are quite unique to this nendoroid!

Oh dear... :O


Guess who's boss here! "Watch me!"

"You over there! Yes, you!"

"Now I'll be showing all of you The Nico Nico Smile~!"


Nico is the first nendoroid (that I bought and will be keeping) so this is my first time assembling such figures! It felt as though I was assembling and playing with a pretty expensive toy, and the small bits were hard to handle at first but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun to arrange and mix! I'm also pretty satisfied with the variety of posing possible from the additional accessories provided ~^^~

It still does get cumbersome at times when it comes to swapping out nendoroid parts; for instance, when it comes to changing the faceplate I have to take out the ribbons on nico's head as well. :c Maybe it's also because it's been too long since I've played with such toys!

This came with the accessories and I still haven't figured out what this is for...
[UPDATE: it's apparently stage gloves where you can pair up two of the girls and have them hold hands! Pretty neat... Unfortunately I don't have any more love live nendoroids for that!]

Also, after thinking it over I don't see myself collecting anymore nendoroids in the future, though I'm sure I may give in if GSC pushes out even more of my favourite characters and/or I'm financially stable enough to get them. |D

And there won't be anymore Muse nendoroids after this line either... I have yet to get the previous version of nico (where everyone in muse is clad in the Bokura wa Ima no Naka de outfit) since I'm still wondering if I should get it for a wider variety of Nico posing and expressions! Other than that... Well, I guess there's no other choice... I will continue to support Nico through other means! So you may look forward (or be warned!) of future posts revolving around Nico! ♡

And that's it for Yazawa Nico's Training Outfit Nendoroid! Nico Nico Nii~ Readers, do you collect nendoroids? If so, who is your first nendoroid? Feel free to share in the comments below! ^^

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