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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Kunikida Hanamaru (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Following the start of the new group featured in Love Live, we have Aqours! Aqours is set approximately 5 years after the original idol group and today we will be reviewing the Nendoroid of one of their first year students, Kunikida Hanamaru!
Since I had a group order for figures to ship with Wedding Sonico, I decided to grab her as well and split her. I finally had the time to sort out the splitting and before I send everything out I decided to snap a few pictures for a short review. If you are debating if you should get her... well, I hope this brief review will help you.

While I will try not to change her pose and go overboard by playing with her Nendoroid beforehand, I'll review her and the accessories she comes with to the best of my ability.

First, we'll start with her box. As with the boxes of all the Love Live Nendoroids, her box is smaller than usual in terms of height and width. The depth of the box is still the same as the usual boxes. This is a noteworthy point if you display your Nendoroid boxes like I do.
Her box also comes with this cute little secret information corner which also serves as an advertisement corner... for the bread accessory which Hanamaru comes with.
Her blister is smaller than usual and she comes with quite limited stuff -- like her default body, one extra faceplate, several changes of limbs and of course, her noppo bread.

Many people on myfigurecollection were put off by this yandere expression when Hanamaru's colored prototype was shown. While I was part of that group as well, I must say that Hanamaru's faceplate looks much less scary. It's quite cute actually!

The earrings she has on are sculpted and painted onto both of her faceplates, with no paint transfer whatsoever. Though, do note that this may be a pain when using the faceplate elsewhere. For instance, the earrings on Kotori's stage version put me off when I tried to use it on her training outfit version as the earrings are too flashy for daily use, which is the casual feel that the training outfit line is going for.

Despite saying that, the Aqours does not seem to have a training outfit line announced yet (if I recall correctly) and seeing as how they came with daily-use accessories here which are not supposed to be used on the stage (i.e. Hanamaru's bread and You's glasses), it might be possible that there would not be another line... but I'll wait till after season 2 finishes to confirm that.
But Good Smile Company is not without its flaws. There are some dirt embedded in the pieces, as well as slight paint transfers. The above image is one of the examples. As you can see, these issues are really minor and not very visible, especially after assembly.
Hanamaru looks very cute and her default expression looks extremely cheerful and hopeful despite being simple. Something that I really like about Love Live Nendoroids is that their eyes are always so expressive and sparkly.

Her not-so-common flow of hair at her bangs are really detailed and accurately replicated. There are lighter lines running down the bangs at the sides of her face, which I do not know if they are added on purpose but they help to add depth to her hair. While that is great, the lighter shade is quite jarring and I do not like it much. 
I never liked the Aozora jumping heart (Season 1 Opening theme) outfit due to the yellow and blue striped stockings. Here, you see that they are still present but the relatively less number of sections (only 3: yellow, blue, yellow) makes it appear much cuter than in the anime.

It is also quite hidden by the larger body and outfit, which helps to move attention to other parts of her outfit instead. I like the ribbon tie on her chest which is a very bright and stark yellow, lined with red. This makes it stand out against the other more pastel yellows used elsewhere in her outfit. With yellow being Hanamaru's image color, I would say that this is a very good choice.
There is a ton of blue in this outfit and I love the fact that they have light blue as well as navy. All the paint jobs are extremely precise and spot-on, especially on the collar.

The tiny yellow frills on the glove on her left hand seem like a pain to sculpt but it looks very cute. However, having this glove on only one hand also means that the poseability of the Nendoroid goes down since it becomes less interchangeable.

Hanamaru also comes with frilly bloomers underneath her skirt and that will not be shown in this review.
The last part of her outfit is the hat which really resembles a sailor's hat. The shade of yellow used here is the same shade as that of the ribbon on her chest. I love how the ribbon ends in this zig-zag fashion and lined with a thicker red border which is a very good change of pace from the other usual straight-cut ends for ribbons.
The underside of the hat comes with a thin plastic sheet which you slip between her front and back hair pieces to keep it into place.
The only accessory that this Nendoroid comes with is her noppo bread. I really dislike the coloring here as the plastic wrapper is so matte that it suggests that the wrapper is made of a material such as paper. The bread lacks texture and the color does not make it look delicious anyway...

This accessory was appallingly bad, in my personal opinion.
Hanamaru also comes with an arm and attached peg to fit the bread into. As you can see in the image below, it attaches well to the bread (not inserted fully).
This comes with a section on its own as she comes with 2 bases if you order from GSC. First we have the standard base, shown in the image above, and a GSC exclusive base, shown in the image below. Unfortunately, these bases will be split too and thus, I will not assemble the GSC exclusive base. It should be the same as how Muse was, so you could refer to images for that if you are interested in how it clicks together.

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