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Tonkotsu Kazan

Hello readers. The beginning of this week had seen a little celebration brewing, though nothing concrete was planned beforehand. I suppose that it wouldn't seem odd to simply waltz into a restaurant for the lone diner. Besides, there was just one other table that was occupied as I decided to settle for an early dinner. Weeknights would probably serve the lone diner better, if there wasn't another point of consideration already. Naturally, it would also be much more rational to pick a joint where one could enjoy their meal uninterrupted. I mean, I don't think that anybody would appreciate an ever meandering crowd imprinting its impatience on the back of their heads. Anyway, I found a really pleasant place to celebrate. Yeah, it is Japanese. Yeah, I overheard some mellifluous banter among the Japanese chefs. Yeah, it is ramen. Yeah, it is Tonkotsu Kazan.

Of course, the restaurant also sells other mouth-watering dishes even though its ramen menu takes up a considerable amount of space. My heart was all set on ramen, but Tonkotsu Kazan has quite a selection of combo sets which I simply couldn't ignore. Originally, I had wanted the Ramen + Fried Rice combo. The fickle mind later changed the supporting side to gyoza. Not a bad choice, I've got to say! Top the dining experience up with a bottle of Asahi beer, and nothing could go wrong. While I'm not an expert in the drinking field, the occasional rebel in me secretly wishes for alcohol (in moderation definitely). However, please don't ask me how refreshingly tasty Asahi was. My palate is nowhere near...alcoholics? Anyway, it did complement my dinner which was more important than anything else! I fancy that tall glass though. 

Okay, now the ramen. I picked the shoyu ramen which was extremely flavourful. For a little more kick, I sprinkled some chili flakes into the broth. I was quite tempted to add more but I didn't want to overpower the rest of the flavours. The only downside was the beansprouts which I will never be a fan of. I wish more ramen dishes could just do with seaweed or other less intimidating (?) vegetables like carrots and bamboo shoots. The pork slices were so tender and tasty from immersing in the broth. The egg was soft and runny. However, it was just half an egg. Speaking of eggs, Tonkotsu Kazan offers diners free hard-boiled eggs to complement their meals. Nope, I didn't take any since I'm not good at shelling. There was another table of diners which couldn't decide if the eggs were indeed hard-boiled or otherwise. Not that it mattered though.

Gyoza! The gyoza looked so pretty and perfect. I adore the pan-fried style very much, yet there aren't many places that could whip up a satisfactory plate of gyoza. Not that I've tried plenty to arrive at that conclusion, but the ones I had before this were nothing short of disappointing. Anyway, I was really happy to have chosen the gyoza. The filling was generous, juicy and not overpowering. I would prefer the light soy sauce as a dip instead of the white vinegar.

Overall, I really appreciated my little celebration at Tonkotsu Kazan. I would love to return for its other dishes, and of course the next time I'm there I'm so taking a hard-boiled egg!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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