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BanG Dream Band Stories: Pastel*Palettes (Part II: Introduction to Eve, Hina and Maya)

Here's the next part of the interview with Pastel*Palettes, where we will take the time to know the three remaining members better.

First up, let's have Wakamiya Eve, a cute and petite silver-haired girl! 
Good afternoon. Please introduce yourself.

Good afternoon, everybody! My name is Wakamiya Eve and I am from Finland. I used to work as a model before joining Pastel*Palettes. 
Now, I enjoy my work as a member of Pastel*Palettes. I play the keyboard there. Everyone is so kind and it is very fun to perform in front of so many other people!

I heard that you are into Japanese history. Can we hear more about that?
H-History? Um... I'm not sure if that's really fully accurate but I'm a huge fan of samurai and their warrior code! I like how disciplined they are and how they are always putting their lives on the line! There's just so much that I can learn from them... they are my source of inspiration and moral code of conduct!!

Oh that's a pretty powerful ideal you have there!

Yes! I love Bushido! I'm even in the Kendo club!

Great! Let's bring the topic back to Pastel*Palettes. Who is the member that you are closest with?

I'm afraid I can't answer that, but I can give you my impressions of each member.

Aya-san is very diligent and someone who can understand how other people feel. She is a crybaby and constantly overthinks things then gets all worried. I think that is very cute and I'll love to give her a great big hug and tell her that everything is alright! She is a very good friend and I like how she always puts others before herself! I love how Aya-san always perseveres to the end and she is a great source of inspiration for me.

Chisato-san is very reliable and responsible. I can always count on her for anything related to Showbiz. She is also very experienced with training and practicing so she and Aya-san will plan most of our training sessions. Although she argues a lot with Aya-san over this, I think that the two of them are actually on really good terms with each other~

Hina-san is the mood-maker of the group. With Hina-san around, everything will be very joyful and happy. She is the kind of person to only do things that interests her and I'm amazed at how she can pull those off so flawlessly everytime. Hina-san is a very fast learner too, and though she isn't a great teacher, I find that she may be the one I relate to the best in the group.

Maya-san is like everyone's big sister. There's so many things which she knows, like engineering and about instruments. She's the one who we all depended on to get into shape when we were just all asked to play instruments one day! Maya-san is so cool... she even has an ambition; while I can't even imagine how I will be in 10 years time!

So I suppose that you are the closest to Hikawa Hina-san?

Hmm... Nope, I'm close with everyone! 
Now I just want to give everyone a group hug! C'ya!

Wait, the interview isn't over ye---

Oh well, I guess it's time to move on. Next, we have with us Hikawa Hina-san!
Yaho~ I'm Hina, the guitarist of Pastel*Palettes! I have an elder sister, Sayo, who's a guitarist in Roselia! I'm elated to be invited here today so let's all have fun together~

Good afternoon, Hikawa-san. I would like to ask you about your impression of Pastel*Palettes so far.

Oh, my impression? It has certainly been fun so far, so I'm still with Pastel*Palettes. Besides, I'm still trying to understand Aya-chan.


Well, you know how she works hard all the time right? I never understood that. I mean... I tend to get things done perfectly on the very first time, so I don't comprehend why she can't. And why does she bother trying so hard when she can't. Repeating the same practice moves over and over again... that can't be fun, can it?

If you have a motto or had to choose one, what would it be?

To have fun!
Why would you want to live a life that you can't have fun in?

If there is someone who you had to choose... who do you think you are the closest to?

My sister! I love my sister!
Oh that reminds me... I have to go shopping with my sister. I'll see ya around, kay!

And that's another one gone too. Oh well, the only one left today is...
Um, hi... I'm Yamato Maya. T-The most interesting thing about me is that my name is palindromic and reads Ya-ma-to-ma-ya no matter which way you start reading it from.

That's interesting.

S-Sorry I'm actually a very boring person. The other members say that I talk non-stop when I'm talking about instruments or engineering stuff but I guess that's a little too much for this show.

Well if you think so... What made you join Pastel*Palettes?

Actually, you might find this hard to believe but I never wanted to join initially. I was meant to be a stand-in until they found a dummer but they had a lot of difficulty finding one. Furthermore, Chisato-san made me remove my glasses and she decided that I was the perfect fit for the band.
Still I didn't want to be a member because I felt that I wasn't suitable. I never found myself cute and idols are so sparkly and cute and the embodiment of dreams. I felt that I wasn't cut out for it and that I would never make it. I didn't want to be the burden to Pastel*Palettes and become the cause of its failure.

What changed you then?

I... Aya-san changed me. She shared about her dreams and how she was inspired by idols when she was younger and continued pursuing her dream of becoming an idol since then. She said that she didn't have any talent in the area and yet still didn't give up because she hopes that someday she will become a popular idol and then she can finally tell others that "hard work pays off" and "if someone like her can get here from hard work alone, anyone can". And that's when I felt that I can do it too.

So Maruyama Aya-san was your source of inspiration and drive to join Pastel*Palettes and continue with it till today?


Thank you very much. This session has been extremely enjoyable.

Y-Yes. I enjoyed it very much too!

Thank you!

~ Reina-rin

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