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Special Talk Show with Mimori Suzuko at Bushi Cafe

Scheduled to air at 11.45am later that day was the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes movie, but fans and moviegoers arrived bright and early at Bushi Cafe on Saturday morning for perhaps the more exciting event; a special talk show with the voice of Sherlock Shellingford, Sonoda Umi and Takenouchi Sora, amongst a dozen other roles, Mimori Suzuko herself. For those of you wondering, Bushiroad is planning to have similar collaborative events in the future and for even more popular franchises, larger venues can be used instead of Bushi Cafe. Love Live! Sunshine!! maybe?

The crowd was already buzzing with excitement long before Mimori-san's appearance, with the queue extending to the establishment next to Bushi Cafe when I arrived. Imagine their response the moment she walked onto the stage. The fans' energy was infectious and they gamely responded from the moment she introduced herself, the characters of the film plus a brief summary of what the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes franchise was about. Of course, there was the usual discussion regarding what she liked about Singapore, what her favourite Singaporean food was (It's Hokkien Mee by the way) and what she did when she arrived (Shopping, shopping and more shopping at Bugis+ and Bugis Junction).

Next up was a quiz involving a series of True or False questions. The winner would walk away with an autographed poster of the movie and a goodie bag. To say that Mimori-san's fans were dedicated would be a severe understatement and the quiz had to end up with questions that demanded lucky guesses rather than any actual knowledge for fear of the game not ending even by the time the movie started screening. Several of these include what she ate for lunch the previous day and the number of clothes and shoes she bought. 

The audience's energy was infectious and there were no awkward silences or pauses at any moment during the talk show. Unfortunately, the session had to end and what was 45 minutes long felt more like 15 instead but fans will be delighted to know that Mimori-san plans to visit Singapore again next year. To everyone's delight, the talk show ended off with a selfie and a reminder that they'll get to see her again during the movie later on. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk show although I had no knowledge of the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes franchise and I'm sure everyone would've liked a short Q&A session too.

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