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Catching up - AFA16 and Pokemon Sun and Moon...

Stress has built up for the past few weeks as high-key after high-key kept being thrown at us. From Field Camp to CQB, BIC then finally to the 16 click route march. I didn’t have much time to watch anything those weeks as I mainly used it to recover for the following week or to hang out with a few friends and most of the time with my family. But after it all ended, two wonderful surprises happened during this month of November. Two weeks left before my Passing Out Parade and AFA couldn’t come at a better time.

Obviously, this time I couldn’t go for all three days as I booked out on Friday and booked in on Sunday. So, Saturday was the only day free for me. Having planned beforehand (totally last minute planning the route and merchandise to buy just the night before), I went to AFA16 with a close friend of mine who too wanted to take a step back and relax from taking pictures of cosplayers and running around searching for them. But even though we planned that I had the urge to bring it along. Alongside that was my 3DS with Sun loaded in, Moon on standby as I was thinking of trading my Rowlet over to Sun, Omega Ruby just in case anyone wants to battle and a portable charger when my devices gets low. Equipped with this arsenal, I then left for Suntec at 10am, later than planned schedule.

First thing to get was breakfast and upon reaching there, I head to the nearest McDz to meet up with my fellow worn out soldier. We then head to site to see a long queue in front of the ticketing counter. Laughing at how I was usually the one who would have bought the tickets earlier before opening day, I trudge towards the winding queue and started playing Sun.

Up we go to the entrance and into the exhibition hall we enter. AFA really buff up security this year as now the wristbands have barcodes on them so they can track who went in and out. Nobody can sneak through the security this time without being scanned.

We went around the halls for an hour before buying anything and stayed there till 7.40pm.

Cosplayers were mostly outside but the crowd inside was quite packed. There were several stalls where we were really squeezing through. I picked up a few knick-knacks when I was there and some that I would call my favourites of the rest.

I really thought that I would have taken quite a number of photos as I usually do and I can just let the photos do the talking but this year I really wanted to enjoy AFA so sadly, there really isn't much to see. Sorry…

Sun and Moon on the other hand has kept me really busy. Spending at least 4 days, both weekends from the time I got it, I am currently after fighting Team Skull Leader Guzma at Po Town Mansion. I got to say, Sun and Moon is really a time-consuming game compared to the other generations. I like how they changed it to trials instead of the usual gym leader battles in the previous generations I was quite surprised on how hard it was when I was fighting the Totem Pokemon for the first island. I really wished you could catch the Totem Pokemon though. Oh, yeah, the starter that I chose was Popplio. Who did you choose for yours? I’m sure there are many who picked Rowlet either due to his cuteness or his evolution. It’s still going to take me a while before I can finish the game. I can’t wait to get my Alolan Ninetales.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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