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A Day at AFA 2016

Hi everyone! It's Nana だよ~ It's been a while! I've missed writing for Milkcananime (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

Today, as my title suggests, I'm going to talk about AFA, 2016 edition! ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

For those who cannot attend AFA, let me give you a virtual tour! For the rest of you, read on and get ready for Day 3 tomorrow!

I started of AFA by... queueing for tickets ‎(ಥ益ಥ)You see, I thought I could just save myself the trouble of pre-purchasing. Apparently hundreds of other people thought the same!

First order of the business: Creators Hub! The crowd was out in full force today...

A wild Victor on auction! Spot the Han Jumin!
Some items I wanted were already sold out ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`) However, I still spotted lots of merchandise to bag home! Since AFA is a pretty huge regional event, many artists travel to Singapore, from Indonesia to as far as USA. Hence, unlike other local conventions, the variety of merchandise here is larger.

Before adjourning to other shops, we decided to take a break and have a bite. Unlike last year's narrow food street, this year's was arranged in a U-shape with (floor) sitting area in the middle, which I definitely prefer!

Funnily enough, somewhere in the middle of the convention hall there was a miso soup booth.

In addition, if you missed Natsu Matsuri, there is even a small booth with traditional Japanese games.

Back to shopping, there are lots of booths helmed by local distributors of anime goods! If you've gone to previous local conventions, you'll know that these guys aren't new to the scene.

I wonder... Who buys these?!

Speaking of figurines, one of my favourite booths this year will have to be GSC's! Knowing what fans like, the booth is surrounded by display cases of new figurines(♡⌂♡)Here's a selection of some of them~

So cute!!! 

Gorgeous, aren't they? I even went up close to take pictures of the Touken Ranbu ones, even though I have them all already ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

In addition, Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji, Sword Art Online, Gundam and Kotobukiya's booth are really popular as well!

How cute is Asuna in a kebaya?

I wanna watch the movie again...

A wild mascot appears.

Such a cosy gaming set-up!

There was lots of cosplayers! However, it was really crowded, so it was inconvenient to ask for photos.

Bad lighting T_T Group cosplayers are so cute!


Lovely Zen!!!!! ♡

Although we were not very interested in catching the performances, as we left, we saw DJ Dan at Akiba Stage for a bit! Throughout the afternoon, performances peppered the convention hall, not just at the stage. Not only that, it seems as though kradness, one of my favourite utaites, was at the event too! (ノ*゜▽゜*)

Overall, AFA was the best event of the year so far for me! I really love the Creators Hub despite the crowd. Even though I would wish for more figurine displays, with the food, the games, and the exhibitions... I'm definitely glad that I am able to have such a fulfilling convention experience! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡

It's not over yet! I'll be back tomorrow, AFA!

Written by Nana

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