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Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Unbelievably short anime titles that run for two to three minutes per episode seem increasingly delighted to play and tease, leaving most people extremely confused over their intentions. I still wonder about such creations, as usually one would stuff commercials and promotional videos to fill in those time gaps before the next show. Anyway, here is something that I kind of stumbled upon by accident. It isn't what I would usually watch, but amid its apparent theme springs a few pleasant (?) surprises. Welcome to Tachibanakan!

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle is classified as yuri, yet there really isn't much to be overly excited (?) by given its three-minutes-per-episode treatment. As for the surprises (?), one of them is the generous display of curves and assets supported by skimpy or no lingerie. I suppose the preferred term is fan service, not that I have anything to complain about. It just numbs rather quickly over time though. If you ask me what Tachibanakan is really all about, I would probably stare at thin air or something. Well, since it is yuri, it wouldn't be weird to expect something more sexy (?) and such over the course of the series.

Okay, so the main character Hanabi begins a new chapter of her life as she becomes a high school freshman, relocating to a supposedly posh dormitory known as Tachibanakan. Unfortunately, her relative mistakes the kanji for Tachibana, and poor Hanabi finds herself standing outside a much watered down Tachibanakan. Fate may have dealt a strong card, but it isn't totally an upsetting outcome. Hanabi sees a naked girl from the corner of her eye.

A scenario like this is very common. I mean, it is after all part of the fan service. The image embeds itself into Hanabi, who later discovers that the girl is also a resident of Tachibanakan.

Hanabi spots another resident of Tachibanakan, Konomi. Konomi shares fond childhood memories with Hanabi, but the latter only manages to place her until moments later. Konomi seems to have much deeper feelings for Hanabi, who remains largely oblivious.

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle is in fact a creative wordplay at its finest, if you happen to know the Japanese language pretty well. To Lie Angle can be interpreted as Triangle especially when read in katakana. So there will be a love triangle progressively in this series! Oh, don't mind the pair of boobs over there. I think it belongs to the landlady? I can't remember whose!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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