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Mangaka Spirits Featured Artists October 2015


"Mangaka Spirits" (Manga + Ka = A person who draws manga) captures the spirit of sketching, drawing and all forms of artwork by ordinary people. In this Wall-of-Fame, we feature the artworks of aspiring artists all over the world. Through their works, we hope to find inspiration in the things we do and hopefully unite as to a common purpose.

Wall-of-Fame October 2015
Artist 1 : Julia Nadine Valencia
Artwork : Seijuuro, Akashi
School : Arrellano Universiy
Favourite Anime : Generation of Miracles
Country : Philippines

Artist 2 : Nagachika Rap
Artwork : Tokyo Ghoul
Drawing materials: 2b classic pencil, 0.7 and 0.3 sign pen, Faber Castle classic colour black and grey
School : Marcial O. Raniola Memorial High School
Favourite Anime : Tokyo Ghoul, Code Geass and Guilty Crown
Hobbies: Video games, fan-arts, drums and cooking
Country : Philippines

Artist 3 : Sanoe Xly
Artwork : iDolphinx3
Drawing materials: Paint Tool SAI
Favourite Anime : Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou
Country : Singapore

"Mangaka Spirits" is approved by our mascot Yushiko, an initiative brought to you by Milkcananime. Please submit your artwork via pm to our Facebook. Only approved artwork of reasonable calibre will be featured in our Facebook and Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame.

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