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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Kongo (Good Smile Company)

Say the name 'Kongou' to any otaku and the first thing that'll probably come to mind would be the personified battleship from Kantai Collection. She's one of the most popular characters from the web browser game and anime, being the flagship of the 'Kongou' class of Super Dreadnought battleships. Her sisters Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima aren't far behind, sporting similar outfits and voices but vastly different personalities. Fun fact: they're all brought to life by Touyama Nao, who also voices Atago and Takao, go figure.

Personally, she's one of my favourite characters because of her attractive character design and exuberant personality. I immediately purchased her Nendoroid the moment I spotted it in Akihabara's Mandarake during my trip to Tokyo a month ago. It happened to be unopened too, lucky me.

Kongo's Nendoroid sports the usual post-300 design, bar the usual colour changes for the names and numbers, depending on the character and anime, game or movie. Like I've mentioned in my unboxing post for Yamato, my favourite Nendoroids are the ones from Kantai Collection. They boast the most parts and some of them can essentially be the chibi-sized version of scale figures that Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Phat! or Aquamarine churn out. I like how the back and sides of the box are enveloped in a matte gold, making it stand out from the usual white.

The blister packs are packed with accessories and from the second photo, you can probably spot the damaged turrets and alternate body to recreate Max Factory's Half-Damage Kongou scale figure. Sadly, she only comes with one other faceplate and once you've seen Max Factory's scale figure, you probably wouldn't want to use it in any other pose. 

Her chair, teacup and saucer from the Ceylon Tea Party line of prize figures are here in chibi form so you can recreate that pose too. With all these goodies, I bet that the bulk of collectors who've purchased this Nendoroid didn't bother with the standard Kantai Collection pose where the fleet girl is firing off her turrets mid-battle.

From the photos above, it's obvious how different Kongou's damaged version is. Sections of her miko uniform's top have been torn off and I like how Good Smile Company even added a damaged version of her winged headband. Although it doesn't have the intricate detailing of Max Factory's Half-Damage Kongou scale figure, it's definitely cuter and cheaper, to boot.

This is just one turret out of the four damaged ones that were included. Once again, Good Smile Company's attention to detail continues to impress me and I stupidly thought that the 'damaged' turrets and sail were somehow due to the previous owner's butter fingers even though the figure was unopened.

This was the final result once I assembled everything. It was a breeze, taking less than ten minutes compared to Yamato's assembly. Kongou's Nendoroid also happened to be the first one I displayed without using the stand. She's more than stable in this position and it actually encourages me to change her pose from time to time because of how easy it is to do so.

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