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For Beginner Figure Collectors #05: Figma and FigFIX

To All,

It's the first week of March, how has everyone's year been so far? I'll be going to a sushi buffet tomorrow and I'm so excited! But for now, let me curb my anticipation and get back to today's post.

Two articles ago, I highlighted the shortcomings of Scale figures, namely their prize and lack of posability. In the previous article, I mentioned Prize figures as a way to tackle the exorbitant price tags which scales usually come with. And with this week, I'll highlight yet another alternative to this -- Figma!
If the lack of joints  is the main reason keeping you away from static figures, such as scale figures and prize figures, you can look towards collecting figma instead! (As a fellow collector, I totally comprehend why you'll find being able to arrange your figures into many different poses might mean so much to you. I love seeing my figures interact as well!)

So what are figma?

Figma are fully articulated figures which come with joints mainly at their elbows, wrists, knees and ankles to aid in creating nuance in a wide range of poses. Figma are around 13cm in height and rarely larger than scales (comparing with 1/8 scale and above), which makes them rather small for full-sized figures, but their ability to change poses makes up for that easily.

Perhaps an easier way to think of figma would be a non-chibi version as a Cu-poche and Nendoroid mix-up! Actually, that sounds pretty incredible!
Figma come with their own set of accessories, several face plates and several sets of hands, enabling you to display your favorite figma in the poses as shown in their respective official photographs!
The only two drawbacks that I have from figma would be their visible joints and rumors that their joints are brittle. However, do not be deterred if figma joints are the main reason keeping you from figma! Lately, Max Factory has been doing a better job with regards to hiding figma joints.
... or not.

Next, let's move on to FigFIX. They are like really tiny scale figures, and their poses can't really be changed either. Also, they aren't exactly what you would call cheap too, since they are definitely more expensive than a normal prize figure.

But before you start thinking that FigFIX have no saving grace, rejoice, figma collectors! For the faces of the two different kinds of figures can be interchanged!
Here is the usual FigFIX Shinobu-chan~

And here is Shinou-chan with a face plate that comes with her Figma! She looks so happy here, someone give her a donut!

And finally, her Figma with her FigFIX face plate!

And this concludes this tutorial post!

Last but not the least, I hope that this helped you clear any doubts you might have with these three different product categories and helped you come to a conclusion on which of these you prefer best.

Have fun collecting!

From Your Fellow Collector,

Written by Reina-rin
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