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Milkcananime Team Gathering: d'Good Cafe

In the midst of the Chinese New Year festivities, several of the writers from Milkcananime and its founder Max met up for afternoon tea at d'Good Cafe in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. The writers in attendance were Neko, Devi, Rugi chan, and of course, me (J.Fluffysheep)! d'Good cafe has a London vibe to it, not that I have ever visited London. I mean, the setting is just obvious! :P

The strongest charm point must be this long chalkboard that has been so meticulously decorated with chalk art and Polaroids. Well, I thought the photographs were a little distracting though. To prevent itchy hands, there is also a little warning below stating the obvious.

Getting through the cafe's menu was rather challenging as the food, drinks and desserts were separated into...three booklets if I recall correctly. I thought the coffee and tea sections were really detailed. The cafe even offers appreciation classes!

Here is a close-up of what Max had ordered: D'Lobster Roll! Okay, I can't comment much on the food but I had stolen some of his fries though... :P Rugi chan had also shared some of her Potato Wedges. Not pictured anywhere is my order of Triple Chocolate Whoopie Frappe that I had wolfed down pretty quickly! Nonetheless, it was tasty.

Now, this is a little fancy stuff: Hot Chocolate Surprise. Devi had decided to go for it, and that humongous chocolate ball really did what it did! Okay, no spoilers here whatsoever. If anybody is remotely interested, please visit the cafe and order the same! :P

Max really loves his coffee, so here it is with a nice coffee art! Well, can anybody tell what that is?

We had such a wonderful time (I think we were there for almost four hours) eating, drinking, catching up...basically, just enjoying ourselves! The cafe may be a little small, but it should feel fairly cosy on a weekday afternoon. 

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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