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Gyoza Heaven

Uh, may I ask why you are looking at me like that? Ah, this? I am about to eat a piece of gyoza! Oh, you definitely have to try some if you haven't already! There are so many possibilities with gyoza these days that customers are easily overwhelmed by the choices they get. What did you say? Well, I suppose I could show you then...

Ta-da! There is so much of the delicious filling that you don't even need side dishes, soup, noodles or rice to complete the meal! Yeah, just eat around...I don't really know a good number for others, but do you think two dozen would be enough? But nobody can stop you from eating more or less, or with something else! Anything is possible.

Oh, let me tell you a little funny story! The other day, while shopping for groceries at the supermarket, I spotted a peculiar guy staring long and hard at boxes and boxes of gyoza. Apparently, he had never seen them before, and then suddenly he was so moved by the dirt-cheap commoner's price that he started bleeding! Well, he had insisted that was some fancy mascara though...

Okay, so maybe two dozen is an intimidating number after all! A delicate plate like this would be more enticing, eh? Imagine sitting at the counter after a long, hard day at work, and ordering just about anything that recovers your body! I believe gyoza can comfort the soul anytime and anywhere! You can either eat them as they are, or take a nice dip of your favourite dressing before tucking in.

If I had the luxury of time, I certainly wouldn't mind making my own gyoza. Yeah, it can be a taxing process from start to finish! Some people insist on making the pastry skin from scratch, which is fine if one has the skill and time. I would rather buy the skins and save a giant step! Actually, it is more than that. I mean, you need to sift the flour, mix in the right amount of water, let the dough sit for hours, knead the dough...well, instant is always much appreciated!

The fun part of making gyoza is ultimately the frying. Just lay those cute, little things onto the pan, and watch them sizzle rhythmically around the steam! Since making gyoza at home isn't like ordering them outside, it would be great to invite friends and family to help with the chores...and naturally, to minimise excess because there are people who would just keep making and making!

Just look at that layer of crisp on the gyoza! Hmm, six pieces...I haven't tried gyoza with anything else, but omelette rice sounds rather interesting! Of course, other combinations include fried rice, ramen, udon...gosh, I am salivating! Okay, I shall get back to eating mine! Go find yours now!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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