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Nintendo Switch: Code Realize

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 / No Comments

My nuggets, my cuties, my pals!! It has been a terrible few days and my life is ruined!

I finally finished Code: Realize and it was a mistake to go with Saint Germain as my starter! I have never wept so hard in my life. Ok I might have when I was playing other games but this, this hurt so much. (Spoilers!)

Overall, I would say it isn't hard to get onto your desired route, the game's pretty obvious in letting you pick who you want to spend time with. Remember how I said I wasn't interested in Saint Germain? Well, yeah, when I actually saw him in game, I was like oooh~ There's something to him I can't quite put my finger on, and so I decided to unravel his secrets first instead of Van. 

lupin, impey



This was a huge mistake because to me, after Saint Germain, no one else came close to even making me as emotional as I was. In fact, even Van's with Junichi Suwabe's voice did nothing for me. The rest of the routes were even more bland to me after Saint G's.


So, putting my sad feelings aside, I really enjoyed Code: Realize. I especially love the way MC was portrayed. Ah, this post will have spoilers so please beware! To cut the plot short, MC is a homunculus, and her brother is also not human. MC, being non human, secretes some sort of poison that deletes whatever it comes into contact with. Her outfit is the only protection against her poison. Kind of really cool when you think about it. When you've finally unlocked Lupin's route (true end, I believe), the whole story will be clear. 

saint g: first look

As it is, each character has their own story. I'll cover Saint Germain's because yeah, I will sell my soul for him. I probably won't talk about the other characters because they didn't capture my interest much. Not even Lupin. I did complete all the routes, but Saint Gernain's did it for me. Also because I'm a sucker for characters in Agony. 

So MC! I tend to get really annoyed with the Damsel in Distress types, and I am so glad that MC is normal. Or well, as normal as a homunculus can be. She has barely any memories, but she can at least stand on her own two feet. She isn't whiny as well, which to me is a huge plus. I love her, the end. 

We also have a dog and a cute little shota vampire npc, who is heavily featured in Van's route. Personally, I would have preferred a more general common route since I like having my first ending as my own choices, but it's fine. There are multiple points in the common route where you can obviously pick who you want to spend time with, so I guess that saves you plenty of time if you already know who's going to be your starter. Why am I talking like this is Pokemon? The common route is rather long though, so please be prepared for that. 

I digress. So, I saw Saint Germain, and I was instantly attracted. Was it his demeanor, was it that Sasuke-like duck-butt hairstyle? Was it the fact that he rarely opened his eyes? Was it all of those?

good ending~~~~

I skipped sleep to complete his route, and for the first time ever, I actually got the good ending on my own choices. No walkthrough used. I am so proud of myself. To summarize his route, Saint Germain is not human (I knew there was something about him!). He's an Apostle of Idea, an organization that makes sure humanity stays on the right path and not self destruct? Something like that. Basically he's immortal with special powers. 

Therein comes the problem. MC. She's a homunculus, so she's a huge no-no. Could bring destruction to humanity kind of no-no. Saint Germain is supposed to kill her so humanity stays alive. Once you're on his route, do your best to not be assassinated. After failing to kill you, Saint G realizes he's in love with you, and defects from Idea, instead now protecting you from the rest of the Apostles who are sent to deal with you instead. We actually only see one other Apostle, Guinevere, from the Arthurian legends. 


Gwen is a mad solid 10/10 woman and if my soul did not belong to Saint G, it would certainly be hers. Anyway, Saint G is now hunting the Apostles down to protect you, and finally gets to Gwen. Gwen, in that gorgeous suit of armor, is obviously an incredible fighter and Saint G is starting to have a problem. MC goes to see the leader of Idea, Omnibus, and offers her life for Saint G.

She promises to off herself if Omnibus will let Saint G live, but she wants to see Saint G a last time. Obviously, after seeing Saint G, she can't bring herself to do it and Saint G begs for them both to be let go, and that they will deal with the homunculus issue and make sure humanity stays safe. Omnibus finally agrees, but since Saint G is no longer part of Idea, his immortality is revoked, and is now a normal human. 

Yay! You get a happily ever after. It might not seem very emotional but I guarantee it it is. Some highlights where I absolutely lost it and had free flow of tears: The one part where MC says she's a monster and should not be with Saint G and man, MAN! Saint G took her hand (remember, poison), and pressed it against his cheek (remember, immortal healing capabilities), and it was too emotional for me, damn it!

(I wanted to do a little gif but it ended up being too long so i found a yt video instead of said emotional scene)

I cried. I had to pause, take a few moments, and go wash my face. When I came back to it, I was hit by Saint G begging to live with MC. Saint G, I would fight the entirety of Idea for you to live peacefully with MC. The CGs, in my opinion, really captured the feelings and desperation of Saint G. I was an emotional wreck after every Saint G CG. 

The way he presses MC's hand to his face. The desperation in his eyes as he begs Omnibus. The softness he has as he rests against MC. Stop it Saint G, my heart can take no more heartbreak.  

The happy ending was so cute though. I think I'm going to have to get Future Blessings. I need a proper happy ending. I'm sorry the post feels like a mess, but right now I'm a mess, so please forgive me. I need to recuperate before continuing the rest of the other titles. 

(Have some Van CGs before you leave~ He's so soft too, it's like the guys with the spikiest hairdos have the softest hearts.)


Written by: ninetylives

MapleStory: Lara

Monday, November 29, 2021 / No Comments
 Hey hey hey my cuties!!

Maplestory celebrated their 6000th day just last week, which brings us to about 16 years of amazing fun. I grew up playing Maple, and man, it's so exciting having new content all the time. On 1st December, there'll be a new character release!

Lara~~ Isn't she just super cute?? 

From now till 1st December, you can pre-create your first Lara character to earn special rewards when she's officially released! Which is really only one day left so hurry!!! There is a pet unique to Lara for pre-creation characters so definitely don't miss out on that.

blue hair! i ended up picking the blue 

trying out the red~

Lara is an Anima, and is based off a sheep, just as Ho Young is a tiger. She had awoken the power of a mysterious bell, and now travels the lands with her elemental spirits. As a Mage, her main stat is INT, and she uses a wand as her primary weapon, with the secondary weapon being an Ornament.

credits to coppersan on youtube!

I'd watched a demo on Lara's skills and man, she's amazing. Her main interaction would be through Dragon Veins (see gif's colored eruptions), where she would summon an elemental spirit to come to her aid, attacking mobs in their range. After the Dragon Vein has been used, it will respawn after a few seconds, and it will respawn as a random element. I believe one of her later skills allow you to change the element of the Dragon Vein though.

She's a solid DPS character with good AOE skills, which makes her great for mobbing, but as she progresses through the job advancements, she gains support buffs which allows her to become quite tanky, making her versatile enough for bossing as well. 

There is also the Tera Burning event ongoing, but unfortunately it won't apply to Lara. It is, however, a great way to try the other classes while you wait for Lara's launch! For every level increase, your created Tera Burning character gains an additional bonus 2 levels, up till level 200. 

I actually created an Adele as my Tera Burning, and it's been a blast of fun so far. The levelling speed is insane, and the plot is also rather engaging. If you've never played MapleStory, now's a really good time to sign up

I'm off to continue with Adele while I excitedly wait for Lara's release. Tata for now~~

Written by: ninetylives

Tears of Themis Cafe - A Rant?

Friday, November 19, 2021 / No Comments
Hello hello my cute nuggets!

I went to the Tears of Themis cafe today and man, it was such a disappointment. I don't actually know what I was expecting, but I certainly was not expecting a mess of information. I'll add the images I took as I go through the post, and they'll certainly look out of place, but bear with me.

a photobooth area?

So right off, the reservations. It had been postponed once, and the second time I actually started camping to enter right at noon and I was completely not expecting the overwhelming response! I joined the queue at 12:00:13pm, and I was 480+ in queue. Crikey. 

i wonder if there'll be a giveaway for the standee?

After patiently waiting 2 hours for my turn, I entered the booking page only to realize that there were completely no slots for ToT at all? In confusion, I called the listed number only to be told that they had received calls and they didn't know what was going on and to please send a DM in. I was astounded. Was I going to have to requeue? Did I have to wait another 2 hours? Was I not going to be able to get the limited First Day merch? There were limited edition merch, which was a small figure and a plush, and only purchasable on the first day.

I sent in a DM. To be fair, they responded almost immediately with a new link to the reservation site. I got in, didn't have to queue, and managed to book first day slots. Crisis currently averted. 

Fast forward to today, as far as I know, merch tickets are given out to only the first 20 people in queue everyday, and it starts at 9:30am. There is also a limited amount of merch purchasable each day. This to me was rather ridiculous, if my dine-in slot was in the evening, I had to go specially in the morning just to queue for a chance to purchase merch? Fine, for the sake of limited First Day merch, I would do just that. Considering it was a weekday, I figured reaching at 9:30 should get me within the 20 slots.

I was so naïve. I got there about 9:35am, and there were already 20 people in the cafe, and a whole bunch waiting outside. I joined the mass of people, and started chatting with a couple of them. I figured it shouldn't take too long for the 20 inside to purchase their merch, then perhaps we can also start to enter and see what else there is to purchase. I knew there was the option of pre-order because of the overwhelming response, but limited First Day merch made me stay to wait. 

After almost an hour, barely anyone had left the cafe. What was going on? Who knew? Was nothing inside actually set up for purchase yet or was everyone just taking a painfully long time to decide on what they wanted to buy? 

I had to head off to work, so I left. My new friend informed me a while later that staff had finally exited the cafe to let the masses know that no one else would be let in to purchase merch, and we would only be able to purchase during our dine-in slot. I was stunned. After all that time waiting outside in the heat, for absolutely nothing. If you were a working adult with time constraints or you didn't manage to get an early time-slot, I guess it just sucks to be you?

She also told me that the First Day merch did not exist for Singapore. The cafe in Malaysia had the figure and plush, but not SG. So there was actually no point for me to go in the morning. Amazing. 

Never mind, let's move on to the menu. Because I couldn't tell how large the portions were, I decided to get only the main and the drink. I had asked my new friend to ask the staff if we could add on to our orders if we decide to get the dessert as well. Good news! You can head back to the reservation page, as told by the staff member, and order a takeaway for the same day if you decide that you wanted to purchase more food items. Remember this. 

So, happy with all these information, I made my way back to the cafe in the evening, prepared to get more food and support my fav 2D character. We had to do the safe entry check in before entering, and you can only use the trace together app to check in. They do not support the token check in. 

Once that was done, we were given a buzzer and shown to our seats. We had a long table so we shared with another pair. Kinda weird, but the space was small. You'll have to take your buzzer to the main counter and let them know your invoice number. We did just that and were given the freebies. The coaster was randomized, and we got Marius and Luke. Damn it, I wanted Marius and Artem. Anyone has Artem and wants a Luke?

I decided to add the dessert as well since I was in a mood, but was informed that I actually could not, and they were not offering the option to add on and takeaway. I was confused. The staff this morning said otherwise. You can't, they repeated, but I could always check their socials for updates. That was kind of hilarious to me. If I wanted the add on now, what good would your social media update be if it was not today?  

Oh well, whatever. We got our food and drinks a little while after, and ooh, the food was actually good. We ordered Luke's and Marius' mains, and it was sooooo nice. I especially liked how Luke's had chunky garlic bits in it. The drink was not bad too. 

After the meal, we went to look at merch. Got up to the counter to pre-order, and asked if there were any larger sized images of the merch, especially the Halloween acrylic standee and the keychains since the catalog was so small. Please take pity on an aging grandma with bad eyesight. Nope, they didn't have any images other that what was on the catalog. That was a little annoying, but fine, we googled. Should have just done that in the first place I guess. We placed our orders, but I'd realized that one of the Marius' keychains was unavailable. ?? Wasn't this a pre-order?

Oh, there was also a limit on pre-orders. I had thought the listed Daily Supply limit was for physical in store merch, but I guess I was too dumb to realize it applied for pre-order limits as well. Or did they not say? I had also realized that a bunch of merch I had previously seen were also missing, but I was at point too tired to ask for anything else. I put in my details and left.

Oh oh I did get something good out of this whole ordeal though, tadah~~~

Hilariously, I had come for ToT, but ended up leaving with KnB merch instead. The overall experience was quite confusing, and rather disappointing, but Aomine always makes me feel better.

As much as I hope Genshin's will be better, I suppose I'll just lower my standards. Thank you for staying till the end of my rant, tata for now!

Written by: ninetylives