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I'm not a Fish!

「きゅ~~」Which I proclaimed the sound is made by this creature. A white fluffy creature who is always having an identity crisis. As far as I know and according to Wikipedia, this creature is actually a male. His name is Sirotan しろたん Below are some of the brief introduction about this fluffy creature.

「Japanese merchandise which is created by Creative Yoko
Often found swimming together in a group of different size and colors in a store named Mother Garden or Smile Garden around the world.」

In case you have not figured out, Sirotan is actually a young harp seal and it was born on August 8 in St. Lawrence Bay, Canada ( Seal's Heaven.. Weeee..)

Sirotan loves to sleep, swims and disguises himself as other animals. I will show you his hobby through the pictures below.

Sirotan as above are wearing bunnies, elephant and seal in seal clothes?!? These are some of the many examples what Sirotan can be. Beside disguising as an animal in the wild, he is not stopping himself to perfect his acting skill. Sirotan also tries to mimic food! Food? Yes! His skill is improving everyday and staying cute at the same time.

(Real Sirotan does not come with those expressions. This only my imagination.. ) There are many varieties you can choose from and the only limitation is your imagination! I am sure there are one or two you will like. Did I mention that their fur are so soft!! like those baby stuff toys.. Personally, I like stuff toys a lot and Sirotan is one of the plushes which I approved to be on my bed.

Are you able to see how soft their fur is? (✪‿✪)ノ They are super fluffy soft! The original come in few sizes such as XS, S, M and L which is up to 85cm!! If you are looking for one, the nearest you can get it is from Bangkok, Thailand. Additionally, you can try your luck by purchasing from a Carousel seller. I have adopted 2 L size Sirotan throughout my life. The first one has been with me for almost 10 years! Can you imagine that? It has been so long , the 'meat' inside the body has softened up and compressed. *Hide in a corner emo-ing.* The other Sirotan is adopted last year 2014 December and was brought back from Thailand. (I was carrying the 85cm seal throughout my journey including boarding the plane and passing the security scanner..( ゚Д゚)y─┛~~ )

Meanwhile on the other side of the ocean..

「Kupu~!!」*A small tiny shadow crawling toward the ocean.. *Crawling sound*

Kupu...kupu..KUPU!!.. (my turn now!!)
Oh yes! Not to forget this small 12cm and which weighs about 200g animal. Let me introduce you to another seal which can rival Sirotan in term of cuteness. This small seal can be kept as a pet as long you have the basic necessities for them such as a shelter and love. This small seal is called mamegoma まめゴ similar to it's rival, mamegoma. It comes with many colours and pattern and in term of far i did not see any mamegoma that is bigger than the Sirotan which measures 85cm.

Mamegoma is a series of seal characters created by the Japanese company San-X (There are well-known for creating and marketing cute characters such as Rillakuma and Kogepan)」

 As for reader who just found out about this cute creature, I would advise you to watch the series to understand more about them! They are currenly available on Youtube with Chinese subtitle.

Mamegoma has become so popular that it has ventured into merchandises. Kyaaa!! They are totally super cute and you will feel more attached to them if you have watched the series.

In addition to the toys in the market, mamegoma has been co-operating with this messaging app Line to create useable emotion stickers. Good news for Line user! So far they have launced 4 series of mamegoma edition with 3 static and 1animated type. ( ◍•㉦•◍ )
As a seal-obsessed person, I did not fail to purchase every single of the stickers base on them on my phone and I hope you would share my passion which is why i wanted to do this topic as my first post fo you the readers to get to know me better.

To be honest, i would much prefer the Sirotan style but the Mamegoma is so cute too whenever they make the sound "kupu"!!

I hope to see you guys again soon in my next post. If you have any seals toys, I hope you will share and show it to me at the comment below. 〜(^∇^〜)

Written by SnoringSeal

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