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MILKCANANIME started out as a blog back in 2008. Today we have a team of 10 writers covering topics on Japanese subculture, Gaming, Cosplaying and others. When there are major anime conventions, our writers are also on the grounds, covering scoops of happenings and bringing them to you.  

In 2016, we started creating our own characters such as Miwa Haruka, Moo Chan, Kakichan the Oyster, etc. Today we have 12 OCs (original characters) and we have created our own line of merchandises. We take on the brand of MILKCANANIME.

As we evolve our art style (kawaii), we drop our 'human' characters and focus on our key OCs "Kakichan & Miraku". We changed our brand name to Milkx Studio in 2023.

Max Wong
Founder & Artist/Designer
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