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Relaxation and Rehabilitation

It has been about a month since I ORDed, where I am now a NSmen. Finally, 2 years of national service was over and I’m left with 10 cycles of reservist. I took a few weeks off, relaxing and enjoying my moment of freedom but at the same time looking into parts for building my very own PC.

After consulting my friends who had experience in building one, as they build theirs, we head to Sim Lim Square to scout out shops which offered parts in my budget range. Circling the floors, browsing through the shops and eventually we head to the shop that my friends bought their parts from. I'm going to be honest. I am not a tech savvy person. I understand some jargon but I have no idea how it comes together. I was told to pick out the parts that I want and see how much it cost and from there, cut out what isn't necessary. The initial price of the parts that I picked out was $2k, which was way over my budget that was $1.5K. I had to compromise on some parts of the PC but it must be good enough to be able to edit and game, so basically a PC that is for work/play. I do not have a monitor so the price went up quite a bit.

In the end, after having discussed between ourselves and the shop assistant, I managed to get parts for an above average PC, much to the envy of my friends that accompanied me. For your information, the following are the parts:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060
Motherboard: Asus Strix B350F Gaming
PSU: 600W Super Flower
Monitor: LG 24MK430 24” FHD IPS LED
Total Cost: $1540 (w/o monitor: $1381)

I had nothing in my bank account thereafter.

We head over to my place and spent a few hours piecing it together, as we were confused where some wires go to, why won’t it fit etc. I didn’t know there was a Gijinka of Radeon and Ryzen. I got to say, the PC was worth it.

The cable management could use some work but at least the computer works very well. It took me a few days to transfer my files and documents from my MacBook and hard drives into the PC due to the different format and OS being used.

A week after, I bought a keyboard and mouse to replace the ones I had that were old and also a card reader to transfer footage over from SD cards. Yes, I had to take a “small loan” from my other bank account. I still, at the moment, do not have a proper desk as right now, my monitor is precariously placed near the edge of my small computer desk. The monitor is 60cm wide. It couldn’t fit into the desk’s shelving. But until then, I’ll enjoy playing games on it so that at least if the monitor falls, I’m there to catch as it is right in front of my face, or… my face will.

I’m currently playing a few games I did in the past on my MacBook and newer ones that I either wanted to try out but couldn’t as I am using a MacBook or ones that interest me from Steam.

I played through DDLC again and it is still as creepy but at the same time funny with all the puns by Monika.

I also started back OW as I had not played it for more than a year on the PS4.

Yes, I know. Overwatch has become very toxic that it has reached cancer level. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. I faced worse in my National Service so I am quite immune to it. It is very fun when you play with friends and the weird shenanigans we come up with when playing. All the delicious salt, the savoury toxicity, the cancerous characters and coming up with hilarious but workable metas. Let’s go all support. Now go all tanks. Hey, I even made new friends playing the game.

Another game I have been playing and probably never will stop is Fate Grand/Order.

I spend way too much money on that game. No way will I ever stop (It’s also why I’m broke). I am playing the NA edition of it so yes, it is 2 years behind. And yes, why did I spend money on NA and not JP. I like to understand the story of a game I’m playing so I’m sticking with NA. I did start a JP account but I’m playing that on my PC as the JP server is very slow on the phone. Haha. Playing phone games on a PC. What am I thinking? It is way more efficient in a way than using my phone and I’m playing this as F2P so I got nothing to worry. Though I’m quite salty that I didn’t get Caster Illya from the Prisma banner. Neither the servants not the CEs for that banner came home. So now I have a lonely Chloe von Einzbern without the sister.

Here are the servants that I've made contracts with

Time to save quartz from the Nero event for future banners.

I didn’t just play for the month. I had tag along with my friends to help out on their shoot. Compared to what I did in my unit previously, this was much more draining as this was kind of what a proper one would be like. I didn’t really do much. My main goal for that day is to get out of the house as well as adjust myself back to how it was in my poly life. A refresher in a way.

A month of relaxation and rehabilitation I would say. Celebrate my freedom, caught up with friends, made new ones, unwind with some games, learning new skills, practice back the old ones and I also enrolled into driving school. Since I had obtained my military driving license, I expect it to be easier.

Now to find a job.

Written by Zwei

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