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What's coming into my collection in May 2017?

Figure collecting is an expensive hobby and I made this worse with starting goods collecting too. Fortunately for me, goods just include shikishi, pencil boards and files which makes the price a little more bearable.

As the month of May draws to an end, Amiami has sent me several payment and shipping notices which made me come to the realization of how much time, effort and money I invest into this hobby. I think it isn't healthy to put so much into a hobby personally, but let's ignore that part and let's just look at what will me joining my collection soon!

1. Nanami Chiaki by Phat!
Current price on Amiami 14, 000 yen
Phat is by no means my favorite figure company and in fact, it doesn't even come close. It is also known as the figure company that regularly delays as well, which makes Nanami very delayed for both the original and this re-released version.

The original one came with loads of assembly problems as well as painting and sculpting issues for her hair parts so I'm anticipating how she will turn out for the re-released version. I'm hoping that they mended their sculpt and made it better but that's... probably not going to happen. Because. Phat!

2. Nendoroid Oikawa Tooru
Current price on Amiami: 4, 000 yen
This is my favorite character from Haikyuu -- Shittykawa~ And I've made it a point to order one of him per release so this is my 2nd copy of him. The first is still in a box somewhere in my house as I can't bear to take him out unless there's Iwaizumi coming along too. Now that I'll have both, I will be unboxing this Oikawa along with Iwaizumi.

3. Nendoroid Iwaizumi Hajime
Current price on Amiami: 4, 080 yen
Iwaoi is my OTP for Haikyuu and Iwa-chan is pretty lovable too so I snagged him along with Oikawa to recreate some scenes that will, hopefully, end up being pretty hilarious. I can't wait to pose him together with Oikawa!

4. Nendoroid Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku
Current price on Amiami: 4, 200 yen
She looks so simple, yet she has been delayed for  quite a bit already. As most Nendoroids aren't usually delayed, I'm actually expecting her to turn out amazing given how much extra time they had to work with her but we'll see soon enough~

5. Hanairogoromo Meiko
Current price on Amiami: 12, 800 yen
There has been little news about them yet so I'm quite partial to them being released this month or being delayed a month like Miku's did. In either case their prototypes look quite lovely and I'm awaiting the day that they arrive at my house and I get to display them.

6. Hanairogoromo Kaito
Current price on Amiami: 12, 800 yen
Yes, I am ordering all the Hanairogoromo in case you haven't noticed the trend yet. Kaito looks very plain compared to the other female characters which is rather disheartening but at the same time also pleasing because it is tied to Japanese culture where the males have duller clothes with less patterns on them. He will be near the back of my display due to his size and pose so it wouldn't be too huge of an issue at least.

7. Ao no Exorcist file
Current price on Amiami: 320 yen
I'm not a huge huge fan of AoEx but it has a place in my heart since I loved the manga... before it went downhill with too much text. So, I decided to get this file because it looks amazing and it will do good displayed.

I guess that's all for the things coming into my collection this month. Though 7 items may seem very little, these items have left my bank and wallet weeping as Chiaki is around 11, 000 yen before shipping and the Hanairogoromo line is approximately 12, 800 yen each before shipping... and Chiaki's box is huge. Keep a look out for my loot post as well as figure review for the individual items when they arrive on my end!

~ Reina-rin

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