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March: Shishunki Bitter Change and Detective Conan

Hello readers, how was everybody's first week of March? Some of you would have gone for the 2016 One Piece Run Singapore on Sunday. A classmate of mine ran the course with her friend, and they had managed to snap some photographs before and after the event. Unless Singapore starts to snow for real someday, the idea of running a marathon is pretty much like dust under the rug. Congratulations to those who made it one way or another. I believe that one of my fellow writers was the media representative. Do take a look at the write-up if you haven't done so already. In my mind, One Piece will always be Luffy, Luffy and Luffy. Don't pelt me with eggs please.

Of late, I sampled a couple of scanlated titles just to pass some time in-between stuff. One of which was a rather intriguing though probably not the most original concept of switching bodies. Nonetheless, I had enjoyed reading through many chapters, and I would most likely continue with the rest of the series. From manga artist Masayoshi comes Shishunki Bitter Change, a profound story of adolescence incorporated with the two protagonists switching bodies with each other early on, and how that switch continues to affect them through high school. There is quite a well-balanced offering of comedy and drama, as both characters constantly struggle with the biological, psychological and emotional differences through another person's body.

If I had switched bodies with somebody else, and for some unknown reason I couldn't return to what had been originally mine for many years and beyond, I would feel severely trapped and nothing could possibly steer those sore feelings away. Living as somebody else, no matter what the relationship with him or her is, would be such a glaring repulse both inside and outside. Even though over time the people who are implicated might shift their perspectives, one might also wonder if those thoughts and feelings were indeed out of their own accord. With adolescence being a rather sensitive portrait of an individual's life on the line, both characters attempt as much as possible to live out what each other had missed out from their original selves tactfully.

Last Thursday, a friend surprised me with a free copy of Detective Conan, which is the English translated version from Shogakukan Asia. Even though I'm not a fan of the series, my friend had insisted that I accepted it as the book was supposedly a gift for some event which never materialised. He told me that it had been taking up extra space for a pretty long time. Well, I was still grateful nonetheless. I'm not totally unfamiliar with Detective Conan, as an acquaintance had once asked me to watch two of its anime movies on the big screen. I even received some cool freebies along with the tickets. The longevity of Detective Conan is simply beyond words. Anyway, the tankoubon is like the second volume or something. Nope, I have never read the manga. But hopefully, I would be able to catch some things.

I just realised that the anime adaptation has hit over 800 episodes. I can never fully appreciate anime or manga that stretches on until you could no longer see the neck anywhere. While I understand that there is a cult following for much stuff out there, sometimes the cauldron has long lost its fire. I don't know how my acquaintance does it, but I reckon that she is still having lots of fun with the series. I mean, she has the entire collection of the manga backed up somewhere! The last time she told me, she was at Volume 79. If I recall correctly, the longest manga series that I have ended at 14 volumes. Well, that record is all set to be broken anytime soon. Nope, I'm not chasing after Detective Conan.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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