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Figure Unboxing and Review: Tenshi/Tachibana Kanade I (Good Smile Company)

To All,

I had this figure with me for a few years already and I thought it would be a good idea to review her since she recently had a re-release and I had to find an excuse to get her out of her box before unpacking all my other boxes after moving! But honestly, no matter when I look at her, I still feel the same sense of exhilaration as when I first got her!

With the recent reissue of Good Smile Company's Tenshi figure, it gives me hope for Yuri's figure to be reissued too, since I missed out on the pre-order for her. And perhaps, there might even be hope for Angel Beats! Nendoroids!

Packaging 7/10
The functionality of her box is marvelous. It's  nice and sturdy, with an inner blister which fits snugly with the figure and keeps it from moving around during transportation. I didn't have many issues with paint transfer either, though that might be partially credited to the light color scheme used.
The back of her box comes with the figure being viewed from several angles. It's just another one of those normal everyday figure boxes, really, but I love the peaceful purple and pink colors used on the box because it fits the atmosphere of the figure that would soon be released from under all that cardboard.

Though, it's a pity that they didn't include her pose viewed from the back since the details of her hair and wings spreading out from between the strands make for such a breathtaking view! Another aspect which I found a pity was the lack of windows even though I do understand that a solid box would give more protection. Maybe I'm being too pampered by the recent clear boxes used by Alter but I do find beauty in boxes where the figure inside is visible even with an unopened box.

Base 7/10
Her base ties in perfectly with this figure's concept of being serene and simple, and the main theme itself. It depicts a scene at the beach with Tenshi in a summer dress, gently brushing her hair back.

The darker parts on the base are the indents made by her feet as she stands on the sand, making the grains part to hold her weight. Although there are no real indentations in the base to accommodate for the 'sinking' effect, the darker shades adds a fine touch.

Posing and Assembly 7/10
Her wings are the only thing that requires effort to attach and is possibly the only obstacle (if it's even counted as one) to assembling the figure.

Of course, you could always pose her without her wings, and she'll still look as gorgeous, but I'm against the peg holes in her back left unoccupied, and I love Tenshi with wings hence the idea of posing her without them failed to cross my mind.

Though Tenshi's pose is simple and not anything dynamic, I personally find her beauty in the details of her dress and wings, as well as how her hair is fluttering realistically to the side.

Sculpting and Painting 8/10
From the back, this figure looks amazing. I really love how one wing is folded while the other is all spread out. The three layers of her wings only serve to add to the details and seemingly increase the volume of her wings instead of being limply open.

The sculpt of her hair is also realistic and each strand is carefully sculpted. The ponytail swaying to the side more than the rest of her hair also adds a nice touch to this figure.
Just look at how detailed her dress is! Each individual fold in her dress is carefully sculpted so the overall dress gives the illusion of looking extremely lightweight. The fluttering blue ribbons at her waistline and the translucent material used for the dress also adds to the illusion.
Even her toes are beautiful! Each toenail actually has a little gloss layer to mark it out!
However, the only problem which I have with this figure is with a very stark detail. Her neck is a little too long. I can't help but notice how awkward it makes her look when I glance up at Tenshi from this angle. Thankfully the neck length isn't that visible depending on which angle you view her from.

Enjoyment 9/10

Putting the weird neck length aside, this Tenshi figure is definitely one of my grails for her. She's definitely worth the purchase and if you are an Angel Beats! fan or a Tenshi/Tachibana Kanade fan, I highly recommend getting this figure!

She now rests on the top shelf of my detolf and if I had a chance I'll probably get her reissue version as well (though they are technically the same product).

From Your Fellow Collector,

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