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Halloween at the Movies

Hello readers, with Halloween just very close around the corner I have a few recommendations of what the rest of us who aren't celebrating with costumes and such can watch if relaxing at home. Yeah, a little movie marathon sounds wonderful. You can still cork open some champagne and eat potato chips while appreciating these movies. Naturally, they are are allowed to switch on every light in the house for that. I think that the best way to enjoy them is to plug in the headphones and turn up the volume. Too much? Never mind, just do it the way you would. Some of you may have heard or seen these, but they definitely are repeatable. Oh, kindly avoid watching if you are easily offended, squeamish, whatever.

Okay, some may argue that Battle Royale isn't remotely close to the horror genre, but it is if you find yourself squirming, gasping, reaching for that fast-forward button, possibly doing all of the above. Sure, it is mostly a thriller with disturbing and controversial elements, yet true horror often stems from the actions and behaviour of human beings. Battle Royale is still much talked about today, good or bad. Its strong cult following over so many years continues to stand the test of time. Actually, the opening sequence is enough to kill me. Yeah, the part where the grand orchestra begins to play as the movie studio's logo comes in. It just knows how and when to set the mood. The movie was banned and subsequently cut over here. Well, it didn't matter that much as I was still too young then. Many young stars from Battle Royale have become huge names: Tatsuya Fujiwara from the Death Note movies, Chiaki Kuriyama from Kill Bill Vol. 1, and Kou Shibasaki from The Sinking of Japan.

On the other end of extremity is Audition, a movie which remains difficult to describe and comment without tainting its uniqueness and charm. Of course, with the internet one can find much that has been written on this cinematic gem. Some years ago, I came across a netizen's comment that brought down Audition as slow, dull, incomprehensible and just too demanding to sit through. Another even suggested that viewers just catch the last 15 minutes or so of the movie. Hmm, unless you have watched this a few times in your life I wouldn't recommend skipping, despite the honest difficulty in appreciating the movie. Frankly, there is still something intriguing about what Audition brings until today. There is no doubt over the controversy though. Then again, isn't that what draws interested people to things sometimes? Audition wasn't banned here, but was scissored for its initial theatrical release. Seriously, why would anybody do that to adults?

Suicide Circle, also known as Suicide Club, is one of those rare few movies that I have watched more than once on the big screen. I was first captivated by its trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer contained a little teaser of a sub-plot that was eventually scrapped by the director. It was all thanks to that long trail of hair coming out of the fax machine that I had made up my mind to watch Suicide Circle. Anyway, this is also a cult movie that I wouldn't mind watching another few more times. Some things just stay with you, and I mean that in a sort of reminiscent, fond way. It is impossible to love everything that we watch, but it is possible to find something plausible out of something that we don't necessarily love. For Suicide Circle, one has to feel deeper into the underlying elements despite the unsettling vibes. Oh, look out for the scene with the daikon. Don't judge, but really I still find it pretty hilarious.

Now, don't be frightened, and have a wickedly awesome time with the movies! Meanwhile, I shall attempt to dig out more for anybody's perusal!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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