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High School Romance, Anime Style: Gastronomy

The late afternoon sun lazily inches down into the horizon, while the strikingly orange skies smother the entire town. A lone window opens, bringing in a slow whiff of the ticklish breeze. The focus retreats to reveal a near-empty classroom. A student silently gazes out of the window, seemingly anticipating something from afar...or not. An aura of uncertainty begins to set in, as the surrounding air seems to feel a little heavy. The classroom door opens, and another student hesitantly walks in. If a stethoscope could be amplified, the crazy poundings might just threaten one's hearing. The footsteps gradually come to a still, but the student by the window hasn't looked back a bit. The atmosphere seems ready to crumble any second soon. The heart is still pounding wildly. The student at the back quivers uncontrollably. Those words simply refuse to come out.

Then, right at that pin-drop moment...somebody lets out a fart enough to annihilate mankind. Any remote possibility of a high school romance has come to a depressingly premature end. Anyway, welcome to High School Romance, Anime Style. While there isn't any guarantee that anybody's heart will go doki-doki until it literally pops out from the chest, hopefully those fantasies of wanting to fall in love the way people fall in love in anime would remain unscathed. Oh, kindly tune your preferences to be in sync with a high school environment. It feels happily delusional (?) to live a high schooler's life no matter what your actual biological age is.

The easiest bet in any anime-style high school romance is either Valentine's Day or White Day. Valentine's Day is when lovestruck girls would bake or buy mostly chocolates for their love interests. Well, there is also another type of chocolate known as 'giri choco' which girls would give to boys they are acquaintances or normal friends with. That should prevent any sort of confusion. Anyway, the boys who have received 'honmei choco' or 'true feeling chocolate' would have up till a month to consider their responses to the girls. White Day falls on the 14th of March. If you happen to be the popular guy in school, I suppose you would need a box of aspirin to go along with those chocolates. Come to think of it, I would rather receive tons of 'giri choco' on Valentine's Day. Honestly, it would be a lot less stressful.  

Once the bell chimes for lunch break, do you:
1. stay in class and eat the bento your mother packed for you;
2. go to the cafeteria because nobody bothers to pack lunch for you;
3. buy bread to eat at the rooftop (alone or with friends);
4. skip lunch (due to various, sometimes absurd reasons);
5. eat a love bento?

It doesn't matter who's packed the love bento. Nowadays, the concept of romance covers anything (un)imaginable. I mean, you could be feeling narcissistic and have packed a love bento for yourself. Maybe a demoness slash nudist slash wife-to-be did it.
Anyway, what is inside a love bento defines or implies a lot about the relationship between the anime couple, or in the case of harem, the boy and his many love interests. Well, I think that it is rather moe ('mo-eh') to have a boy seated opposite a girl holding the love bento who proceeds to ask "Do you want me to feed you? Say ahhhhh..." and sends an octopus weiner into the boy's mouth. I suppose it would be straight to the blood bank after lunch because the boy might have lost a considerable amount of blood through his nose or something. I wouldn't mind a love bento, especially for its psychological effect. Of course, the contents have to be edible as well. Only about half of the anime girls can cook. The other half might (un)intentionally land the protagonist in the emergency ward. Not that it really matters critically in an anime...

Well, that more or less sums up the gastronomy part of an anime-style high school romance. Stay tuned for more!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪     

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