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Midnight Shopping SpongeBob SquarePants Figurines

Ever since I discover Carousell, I couldn’t stop shopping. The power of window-shopping on-the-go just by using my Samsung Note 2 is irresistible!

So what have I got myself into?

The first “loot” (not sounding like a Somali pirate) arrived just last week as a result of a late-night shopping when I couldn’t sleep. I remember it was around 4:30am. So in the comfort of my cozy room, a cup of midnight milo and my smartphone, I swipe my finger frantically across shops and wares. There were simply humongous amount of merchandises you can find in Carousell. For a particular item, you will see a “Heart-shaped” icon where people had LIKED it. And if you tap on those people, they also have merchandises of their own to sell. If you are not careful, you’ll be caught inside this shopping bustling mall for 2 hours, just like me!

Alright, so what have I bought?

    1)   The first list is a combo of Disney Plushes, One Piece Badges, Doraemon charms and so on. Good seller, nice packaging but delivery took a little longer even though she’s in Singapore.

 Nice packaging sent via registered airmail. I always enjoy receiving something at home! How about you?

     A set of 5 One Piece Square Pins. Panson Works Design. It was S$10 but since I bought quite a lot of items from this seller, I asked if she could throw this in for S$6. She agreed! ^^

   All these loots from one seller. 

     2) I saw this cute little Spongebob figurines that resemble Kubricks. Kubricks are small figurines with movable parts with remarkable finishes and colours. I knew my girlfriend’s sister love Spongebob and I bought this set of cuties. Price? A little below S$30.

  This is so colourful. Tiny army of Spongebob ready to fight the Titans!

I absolutely love this Spongebob set! But isn't it better to give to a person and see a BIG SMILE in return?

So here you go..hope you like my loots. A little shopping makes the world go round...

Written by Max

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