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PSO2: Melee classes, Hunter and Fighter

We last ended on how the late Sega chairman Isao was determined to push for online console gaming, even paying for a year of free dial-up gaming for players out of his own pocket. Move forward to current day, and PSO2 so big now the anime run just ended. I am sure people are both curious and confused as to what is going on, especially if you are not a player. So we shall start with the classes you can choose when making a character. 

Space age armour makes every class very cool. Hunter is your classic warrior class, with a weapon choice of sword, wired lance or partisan. The weapons of this game are seriously impressive, whether sheathed or drawn. If your graphic card can handle it. Sword is essentially a bastard sword.

Wired lance is an interesting weapon. It plays more like a whip. You can snare an enemy, slam it into another, conduct electrocute them, or just keep hitting them from a distance. I am using this now. It is unique because it looks more like a pair of gauntlets. Every hit brings forth black fire.

Partisan is your classic spearman. High speed thrusts and the middle range option, its damage is between the other two. So is its speed. This particular weapon is probably one of the coolest looking ones in the game


Fighter has even stranger weapons than Hunter. Twin daggers are fast, and involves you being in the air ALL the time. That is really a unique style of fighting. And this pair is really stunning.

Double saber is for EVERY Star Wars Fan out there. Its pretty obvious where the idea came from. It deals more hits than other weapons.

His last weapon type is claws. Very heavy damage, very fast, but you have to get real close. Think boxer range. Decent hits too. 

Overall, these two classes are the classic tanks. Highest health, good damage, with some ranged options. Hunter has more survival skills while Fighter has more weapon type to choose from. Next article: Shooters, Ranger and Gunner.

Written by Don

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