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osu, anyone?

Osu Minna!

How’s everyone? Me? I feel terrible… I am still sick and facing a slow recovery. But at least I am reaching the final stretch of assignments. Guess, I have to sacrifice my sleeping hours soon. Either way, it has been a while since I wrote a post about a game so here’s one for you.

Have you guys heard of DJ MAX? Have you guys played it? It’s a very fun game. Well, have you heard of osu! then? (What a terrible segway...)

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osu! main screen 

osu! is the game I will be talking about today and I have been playing it ever since primary school or was it secondary school? I don’t remember. It has been a long time. I am kind of detached from it nowadays as I have other things to do like enjoying life by watching anime. Me and my secondary school friend (Yes, I don’t have much. So ronery) usually play this game when we return from school and we usually go online to find new songs to play. Both of us used to be pros but it was during secondary school so studies took over our free time and since then, I completely lost touch and forgotten about osu!. It’s so sad. It’s like a “high school romance” anime.

Anyway, enough with the drama between me and osu!. Let me introduce osu! to you guys. osu! is a free to play rhythm game for Windows made by an Australian guy name Dean “peppy” Herbert. The first version was released on the 1st of July and it was distributed amongst his friends as a test run. It featured the basic edit and play mode. There weren’t any sliders or spinners put in at this point, just the click and drag with the mouse.

The game then continued to be improved on like its looks, the style of the game, the addition of sliders and spinners, gameplay being enhanced, the addition of health bars and more until the game was officially released to the public on September 16, 2007.

osu! wasn't popular during its release but over time it became known and it is still growing its popularity till today.

Wheel selection of songs...

What's different about osu! than any other rhythm game is that you can download maps of any song, from any language. The only problem is that whether someone made a map for the song. I have been disappointed a few times since there were no map for some of the songs I like but if there isn't one, make one. In osu!, you can create your own map and difficulty and then upload it online, but it has to go through a pending round, where some users would play the map and comment on how well it works. If it works well, your map will be approved and everyone can enjoy it. Plus, you can earn "kudosu" at the same time.

"kudosu" are like points or some sort of currency that helps map makers to publicise their work more. But if you're a more of a playing type, earning "kudosu" won't matter much to you.

Up till now, there are four versions of osu!. osu! which is the original click and drag, Taiko, where you hit keys on your keyboard like drums , Catch The Beat, where you use the arrow keys to catch falling fruits and osu!mania, where you use the keyboard as a piano. My favourite would be osu!mania as it makes me feel as though I am actually playing the song.

osu! mode

Taiko mode
Catch The Beat mode
osu! mania mode

There are also various mods that you can add in order to make your osu! experience easier or harder. I really like the mods as it provides a "change in pace" to the song as it gets ridiculously difficult.

I like the "Double" and "Hidden" mods...

osu! has also added a multiplayer feature where you are able to compete with your friends online to see who is better at a certain song or mode. And since it has now created a platform for Macintosh, I am able to play it more often as I usually use my Mac instead of my windows. I know I can bootcamp my mac but that would be quite a hassle.

Yes! Multiplayer!

To me osu! is one of the best rhythm game due to its multiplayer feature and the ability to play any song created. But my favourite would always Project Diva. Hatsune Miku FTW!

If you guys want to download it, her it is...

Ja minna, mata ne~

Written by Zwei

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